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The Bubbly Belle Story

How did it start?...

I had a good life. Married to a wonderful husband... Cushy corporate job... Nice home in the Florida suburbs... And the unconditional love from our chihuahua pug mix Billie Jean.

Billie Jean

But I was stressed out. The word “relax” wasn’t in my vocabulary. All I knew was work and taking care of the people around me.

Then one day...

As I was shopping around at the local Target, something caught my eye. It was a bath bomb. You’d just drop it in your tub and all these skin-nourishing ingredients would dissolve into the water.

I rarely took the time for a nice bath, but I figured what the heck... I'll give it a try.

That night...

I ran a warm bath and dropped it in. It immediately started fizzing kind of like when you mix vinegar with baking soda! And the smell it gave off was so luxurious.

The next thing I know, my husband woke me up by knocking on the bathroom door, asking if everything is alright. Apparently, I had been out cold for a good 45 minutes!

It was the PERFECT way to destress after a crazy day. Plus, my skin felt silky smooth. I thought to myself, "Wow! More women need to experience this for themselves!"

I started to wonder...

Over the following weeks and months, I'd try dozens of different bath bombs from many different brands. Whatever scent or combination you can think of, I tried them all.

However, as I started looking closer at the ingredients, I had my doubts as to how good a lot of these bath bomb actually were. This is around the time I learned about the dangers of parabens, which mimic your body's estrogen and have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer.

Needless to say, soaking in those synthetic chemicals night after night can't be good in the long run! And of the truly all natural bath bombs I tried, they were overpriced in my opinion.

So, I started researching...

The absolute best way to make a bath bomb. My first try (or two, or three) was a bust, but I eventually got the hang of it and was soon using my own bath bombs!

They also made for unique, thoughtful, handmade gifts. My friends and family loved them as much as I did and said I should start selling them.

Me, making and selling my own bath bombs? That was a funny thought. But as time went on and I saw the overwhelmingly positive reactions to the bath bombs I was making, it took me back to what got me here in the first place.

My life was hectic and bath bombs empowered me to relax and enjoy the moment. It allowed me to reconnect with myself, and bring more calm to my world.

That's when Bubbly Belle was born.

I'm proud to say we've impacted the lives of over 500,000 people, helping them to slow down, relax, and feel rejuvenated.

We all know life can get a little crazy, but you deserve to treat yourself.

Thank you for reading and if it’s your first time here, don’t forget to take 20% off your first purchase!

Karen Parker

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