Aphrodisiac Essential Oils: 6 Best Ones To Set the Mood

Aphrodisiac Essential Oils: 6 Best Ones To Set the Mood

Essential oils can be used for a variety of issues. You can find an essential oil to help with virtually any situation you find yourself in, whether it's to reduce anxiety in a bad situation, help you sleep when you seem to have insomnia, or even aid your body in healing wounds. 

That is why using essential oils to set the mood is no different. You may find yourself seeking intimacy with a new partner, or trying to set the mood after a couple of off days, or even after a big fight. Whatever the situation, there are different essential oils that can help you.

Although there are different oils that claim to help set the mood, these are the best as determined through need and benefits. Here are the six best essential oils you can use to set the mood before and during intimacy, and how they help. 

1. Lavender Oil 

Lavender oil is multifaceted in that it not only is helpful for healing skin but also aids sleep and relaxation. Therefore, it is no surprise that it would be beneficial in setting the mood by easing anxiety and aiding relaxation. 

When trying to set the mood, you may want to start with lavender, especially at the beginning of the night to ease the anxiety that may come with initiating intimacy, whether it be with someone new, or someone you are already used to. 

Lavender has the ability to relax muscles, as well as aid in relaxation. So rather than applying it to your body, put some in a diffuser and let it infuse with the air in the room you are in. 

This will help relax both of you, and destress both of you after a long day. The last thing you want is to be consumed by stress and thought, given it will ruin the mood altogether. This essential oil can also help in cases of anger or previous arguments that can still remain on your mind; the relaxing benefits of essential oil eases you into a calm state of mind, preparing you to initiate intimacy following mutual consent. 

2. Orange Oil 

Orange essential oil is in a similar boat as lavender oil: it helps to lift the mood prior to initiating intimacy. Orange oil is commonly known for uplifting moods, reducing stress, and helping one rid themselves of anxious thoughts. Given this, it can be coupled with lavender in the diffuser prior to intimacy. 

Along with this, though, Orange oil has been shown to increase exercise performance and lung function during physical activity in a 2019 study. Before physical activity, some athletes inhaled orange essential oil and witnessed an increase in performance due to increased lung function and energy. 

Thus, using this oil before intimacy can help increase lung function and energy, as well as increase mood, leading to an overall better experience. 

3. Jasmine Oil 

Jasmine oil is a step up from both lavender and orange in that it is also a good antidepressant before intimacy, but has a greater effect on the brain and blood flow. Jasmine stimulates the brain, causing people to be more alert to sexual cues, as well as to their surroundings. 

Jasmine oil, which has been noted as a flower used to signify romance and intimacy in India, is said to possibly increase blood flow to male reproductive organs. 

So aside from increasing the positive moods set forth by lavender and oil, as well as increasing energy like orange oil, it also helps directly influence romance and intimacy through blood flow and alertness. 

Given this, you can decide to use it in a diffuser as aromatherapy, but it may be better used applied to the skin on both sides of the neck after diluting it with a carrier oil. This will help not only increase the energy but the romance as well. 

Coupled with lavender and orange oils, adding jasmine oil to the room or to yourself prior to intimacy will help set the mood. The lavender, orange, and jasmine oils help to relax. The orange oil helps to increase energy and function. Jasmine oil, in turn, helps to increase alertness and blood flow. The next step would be increasing blood flow altogether, which rose oil and sandalwood oil can help with.

4. Rose Oil

Rose oil is a given, especially since the romance flower most widely known is the rose. Roses are even used as gifts on Valentine’s Day, on dates, and other romantic gestures like proposals. 

Given that, it is no surprise that many individuals couple the smell of roses with romance. This mental connection makes it so that the smell of roses can help set the mood, and also help with arousal. 

Yet, there is another reason it has made this list—it increases circulation. Blood flow to the reproductive organs is essential during intimacy for arousal and for facilitation of orgasms. Rose oil may help to do both. 

Given this, it may be best to apply this on the skin as well, but diffusing it into the air may also be helpful. Although adding it to your neck does imply a rather more seductive quality, since roses are mentally tied to romance, it will have the same effect as being inhaled. 

5. Sandalwood Oil 

Sandalwood oil is not as widely known as rose oil, but it can still help with similar aspects of setting the mood. Sandalwood helps with libido and desire, according to a study conducted. The oil, when inhaled, helps to increase desire, as well as increase arousal. Aside from this, it was also said to improve mood, like the others. 

Coupled with the other essential oils, including rose oil and jasmine oil, it increases the mood-lifting effects as well as the intimacy-based effects. Yet, it can also be used by itself given that it affects mood and sexual desire. 

Although it can be used by itself, there are more studies backing the use of the other oils. It may be best to use it with at least one or two of the others. They all improve different aspects of mood, and different aspects of intimacy, thus mixing them or using them at different time intervals may better help increase the effect of sandalwood. 

Given that it is said to help increase libido, it is better inhaled and used right before sexual intimacy. Couple this with rose oil and jasmine oil, and you have all the needed benefits for a great night!

6. Ylang Ylang 

This essential oil, often little heard of, helps set the mood in a different aspect than the rest. When taking part in this kind of intimacy, you want to make sure your mental health is in a good place. 

Metal health is said to be closely related to intimacy. Thus, ylang ylang oil helps to increase positive mental health benefits, and decrease depression and anxiety significantly. It is also said to help with self-esteem when applied to the skin. Self-esteem during sexual interactions is essential because you need to feel good about yourself in order to feel good in an intimate situation. 

As stated, applying ylang ylang oil to the skin is needed for positive self-esteem. Thus, it is recommended you dilute this oil with a carrier oil, then apply it to the skin in areas such as your waist, thighs, and arms. This will help improve your mental state and your self-esteem prior to intimacy. 

Essential Oils and Setting The Mood

Essential oils are good for many things, and setting the mood prior to sexual intimacy is one of them. If you don’t feel like mixing and matching and dealing with the hassle of gathering a variety of oils, Bubbly Belle’s Sensual pure essential oil can help set the mood in no time. 

These six are a select few of the oils that can be used and are some of the most helpful. They can be used individually, but can also be used together for the best result, leading to a positive experience, higher self-esteem, relaxation, and better overall performance. 

Many of these, which have been subject to scientific studies, have been said to help in more ways than one and have shown themselves to be beneficial to many people when attempting to set the mood. Use them together or apart, but regardless they will help you make sure you have a good time!


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