Bathing Your Dog In Bath Bombs With Essential Oils Brings Great Results

Bathing Your Dog In Bath Bombs With Essential Oils Brings Great Results

Who doesn't love their dog, and we want to spoil them as much as we can. Many people think that since we love bath bombs, dogs may love them too. Is this really the case?

Bath bombs are usually safe for dogs and other pets, but the more you know, the better. In this article, we discuss the possible effects of wholesale bath bombs on dogs’ skin and stomach health so you can decide for yourself if you will let your dog jump into the bath bombed tub with you.

Most bath bombs have nourishing oils such as coconut oil that work wonders for the human skin. But what about your pets? Some dog owners testify to how bath bombs keep their dogs’ skin well hydrated and their fur coats shinier. They even say their coats are less prone to damage. 

This may be due to the nourishing oils that bath bombs have. In particular, coconut oil keeps dogs’ fur shiny because of a substance it contains called lauric acid. Lauric acid has a unique chemical makeup that allows it to penetrate hair shafts easily. This is why coconut oil is used in many hair care products. Some dog owners also claim that bath bombs with coconut oil help with their dogs’ dry skin and eczema.

Caution should still be taken despite these supposed benefits. If your dog shows signs of skin irritation such as redness or itchiness, stop bathing them with bath bombs immediately.

The biggest worry among dog owners is when dogs accidentally ingest water with a diluted bath bomb. Some worry that this may poison them, and this is a valid concern. First of all, these bath bombs don’t have poisonous substances for dogs like chocolate, caffeine, xylitol (a sweetener found in candies and baked goods).

However, some people are still wary of wholesale bath bombs since most contain essential oils. Some essential oils are useful as home remedies for particular ailments dogs suffer from. However, there are also oils that your dog should stay away from.

Although diffused bombs are generally diluted, to the point that the volume of essential oils is negligible, you should still avoid bath bombs with dangerous essential oils just to stay on the safe side.

Essential oils that are dangerous for dogs include but are not limited to lemon grass, cinnamon and tea tree oils. Safe essential oils include lavender, ginger, eucalyptus, citronella, and more.

There is a lot of contention on which essential oils are really safe or harmful for dogs. It’s best to ask a local trusted veterinarian. If your dog shows signs of an upset stomach such as vomiting, impenitence, or diarrhea, have it checked out right away.

Final Thoughts:
Bath bombs with the right ingredients are generally safe for dogs. Before buying a few or wholesale bath bombs for your dog, ask your vet first for a professional opinion. If you decide to go ahead and use it, and your dog shows signs of discomfort after using a bath bomb, stop use and have it checked with its vet for any serious problems.

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