Can Taking A Bath With A Bath Bomb Help You Sleep?

Can Taking A Bath With A Bath Bomb Help You Sleep?

For some people out there, coming home and taking a long, warm bath is just the thing to relieve one's stress and muscle soreness. Some people add candles, bubbles, bath bombs and usually accompany it with a glass of wine. This is a perfect recipe to a great night sleep. Even without the wine. 

But does taking a bath at night really mean you'll get a better night's sleep? This article below will explain all that and more. 

The Science Behind Bathing And Sleep

There has indeed been several studies done that have proven that taking a bath at night can attribute to a better sleep at night. It mainly has to do with the temperature of one's body. There is a 1997 study that was done by the Cornell University Medical College. They found that the body’s temperature naturally cools down at nigh and it’s this rapid decrease in temperature that helps your body to relax and fall asleep much faster and achieve a deeper sleep.

When it comes to bathing in a warm bathtub, your body temperature naturally begins to increase, and the cool-down period begins immediately after your bath and that is what actually relaxes you.

A 1999 study, done by Gunma University in Japan, measured the effects of a hot bath right before bedtime in 60 people who were across all age groups. Those who took a warm bath stated having much longer and deeper sleep.

Timing Is Everything
If you are wanting to take a bath right before bed, it is highly recommended to do so an hour or two before you go to sleep. Your body already cools itself down naturally, and it’s important not to disrupt that cycle. What you should do is time your bath so that the cool down process begins when you’re ready for sleep.

“You don’t want to heat yourself up right before bed. Cooling down is a signal that tells us we’re supposed to go to sleep. So interrupting this process can make it harder to fall asleep.” ( Dr. Dianne Augelli of the the Center for Sleep Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian)

Make Your Bathtime Better

If it is your main goal to start getting better rest than starting with a bath is a great step towards it.

There is a couple of things you can do to make the experience more relaxing and better for you. Add a natural bath bomb to your bath from Bubbly Belle and feel your skin nourished and body relaxed. Bath bombs are usually filled with natural sleep-inducing scents and herbs like lavender, chamomile, and rosemary.

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