First Order From Bubbly Belle

First Order From Bubbly Belle


Want to thank one of our top Bubbly Belle customers for posting this amazing blog review about us. Check it out: 

I have been on the lookout for good deals to try other bath bomb companies. Don’t get me wrong... I love Fragrant Jewels and do plan to purchase from them again, but I also like seeing how they compare to other companies. Bubbly Belle is a newer company and is trying to get on their feet. Their bath bombs comes with unique, one-of-a-kind rings that are sure to leave your hand sparkling and turn heads every where you go. And if you are lucky enough, you can win a FREE bonus ring on top of the one that comes inside the bath bomb.

They were offering a $1 bath bomb deal in which you paid $1 for the bath bomb and shipping but I had missed the deadline by a day. I went through to checkout before I realized that the deal had expired. I received an email the next day from the company saying that they would extend the deal just for me and that if I ordered within 24 hours they would throw in an extra ring as a bonus. How sweet of them! They resent the link and I just followed it through, proceeded through checkout and paid for my bath bomb.

I’m already loving this company.

Anyways, I ordered the Destress bath bomb last Friday and it arrived today, so shipping didn’t take too long. I was surprised, but in a good way, that it was red in color with yellow and smelled so wonderful that I was already starting to feel less stressed. The description of the bath bomb on their website was: Destress - allows you to forget the load of daily stress with soothing blends of orange, lavender and lemon essential oils with a whisper of black raspberry vanilla oils.

Product Quality: This bath bomb was nice and solid. It didn’t crumble at all. I was very happy with it. You could tell though that they are just starting out because the bath bomb itself was seran wrapped instead of plastic or foil wrapped and the rings were placed in bubble gum machine capsules, but everyone has to start somewhere and they did well with their packaging. It arrived in stiff brown box with pink and green shredded paper. Really looked like whoever packaged it took the time to package it with care.

Color: It was red with yellow that spiraled all throughout the bath bomb. When I put it in the water, it fizzed right away and turned my bath water a light pink.

Aroma: It had a strong, but not overpowering, lavender scent. It made me smell like lavender for about an hour after I had finished my bath. Very feminine and calming.

Bath: This bath bomb fizzed away and made my bath so much more relaxing than normal. Made my skin feel softer afterwards and it certainly made me relax. There was a little bit of flaky pink residue left after I drained the water but it came off easily.

The Ring: The two rings I received were really nice. I wasn't expecting much of the freebie because it was... well... free but it turned out to be nicer than I pictured. It was simple with a diamond cut stone that sparkled and looked like my engagement ring. The one I received in my bath bomb was even nicer, it had three larger diamond cut stones and several smaller ones on the band. I was very impressed with this ring. Both rings had thick bands and felt strong with a great shine to it. They also come with a code to reveal the true value of your ring. 

Would you purchase again? The average price of these bath bombs is about $20 regularly, which is kind of steep compared to other companies, plus the $8 for shipping. However, the rings are good quality. I'd guess that they are worth at least $30. The bands on them are nice and thick, the gems shiny. They are not the cheapest rings I've seen. In other words, you get what you pay for, and paying a bit more will get you some nice rings from this company. If you'd like to order from them you can purchase bath bombs.

Head over to Bubbly Belle to order some of our one-of-a-kind bath bombs. 



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