Five Reasons I am So Into Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs

Five Reasons I am So Into Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs

When I first came across Bubbly Belle bath bombs I was in awe of how great I felt after using them. The essential oils and ingredients they use left my skin feeling rejuvenated and my mind at ease. But that is not all. They also put a ring inside that pops up once the bath bomb fully dissolves in your bath water. So not only was I feeling smooth and relaxed, but I had some nice bling to show off as well. 

Here is the 5 reasons why I am so into Bubbly Belle bath bombs with rings: 

1. High Quality
I wish the images could truly show how soft my hands are from just dipping them in the water! I’ve used a ton of bath bombs and have never found another I like as much as Lush until this one. The bath bomb has a long life and lasted about 7 minutes of continuous fizzing and I was in a complete zen state after my bath. My skin felt so good!

2. Stylish Rings
While I’ve always loved Lush, sometimes it’s fun to find a surprise element inside! I’ve tried Fragrant Jewels, Charmed Aroma, Jewelscent and more. The rings I’ve found in Bubbly Belle have all been super cute and high quality! They keep them chic, trendy and totally wearable for both day and night outfits.

As for winning a higher valued ring with your code, I have gotten a $100 ring from Bubbly Belle! From their Instagram, I also see a lot of other girls winning $1,000 and $10,000 rings. I’m not sure if the other companies just have fewer odds of you winning, but I have never won anything from any other place.

3. Gorgeous Packaging
This might seem like an extra need for your bath bombs, but trust me when I say, nobody else does this! The packaging of the bath bombs make these the perfect gift for friends, family, sororities, bridesmaids, or just yourself!

4. They Don’t Use SLS
Bubbly Belle is the first company I’ve found that doesn’t use the simplest form of SLS, often listed as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. SLS can be found in a lot of hair products and just about every bath bomb. SLS can penetrate your epidermis, causing skin irritation. It’s not an absolute deal breaker, but it isn’t the best ingredient especially if you have any skin sensitivities. They’ve instead chosen to use a more premium ingredient to replace it, Sodium Coco Sulfate. 

5. Great Customer Service
While I haven’t personally dealt with their customer service, I read a lot of reviews that stated how helpful they were and they actually respond to any issues/questions on Facebook Messenger, email or over the phone, how cool is that!???

The Best Company Doing Bath Bombs with Rings?
I’ll let you decide that for yourself. All I can say is, I’d highly advise giving them a try and they are my new go to bath bomb whenever I want to splurge for an extra ring treat. I honestly would put them in the same league as Lush when purely comparing the bath bomb itself, it was that good for me.

Head over to Bubbly Belle to order some of our one-of-a-kind bath bombs.

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