Some of the Best Gifts for Teenage Girls

Some of the Best Gifts for Teenage Girls

It can be challenging to find the perfect gift for a teenage girl. After all, teenage girls know exactly what they like, and they aren’t afraid to tell you if you have missed the mark. Luckily, there is one type of gift that is sure to be successful: self-care products. 

Being a teenage girl is stressful, exciting, and certainly has its ups and downs. A gift that promotes self-care is a great way to give a teen something they really want and need.

Picking out the perfect gift for a teenage girl is easy with Bubbly Belle. We even have pre-selected gift sets if you need some extra guidance. You simply can’t go wrong with any one of our bath bombs, oil diffusers, or body scrubs.

Essential Oil Diffusers

Does zoom schooling from home have your teen redecorating their room? Creating a calming atmosphere has become essential to studying at home. An essential oil diffuser is a great gift for a teenage girl, especially if they are into candles and incense. Essential oil diffusers use electricity and water to diffuse scents into the air--no fire needed. This makes them a great, safe way to scent a room. 

Consider getting your teen a diffuser and an assortment of oils to experiment with. This way, they can personalize the scents to their preference. When in doubt, it is always a good idea to give your teenager options. Remember, she knows what she likes. So, let her pick out her own scents. Freedom of choice is the best gift you can give a teen girl. 

Pro tip: Is the teen you're buying a gift for about to head off to college? Essential oil diffusers are great for dorm rooms, as candles are typically prohibited. If your teen loves candles, this gift is sure to be a hit!

Diffuser Jewelry

Diffuser jewelry is jewelry that absorbs essential oils so you can carry a scent with you all day long. These jewelry pieces come in several different styles that are sure to fit any teen’s aesthetic. Diffuser jewelry is a great stand-alone gift, or it can be given in addition to a starter kit of essential oils or a diffuser. 

Diffuser jewelry comes with little pads that go inside each piece of jewelry. Simply add a few drops of the chosen essential oil to the insert, and voila! This gift is great for teens who like perfume or cute jewelry--which, let's be honest, is most teen girls. 

Bath Bombs

Self-care is all the rage right now, and no one needs time for self-care more than teenage girls—being a teenage girl is stressful. Help your teen unwind with the gift of a fun, colorful bath bomb.  

Bath bombs are also incredibly popular right now. Does your teenage girl like TikTok or Instagram? Then they are probably obsessed with hidden ring candles. Why not try a hidden ring bath bomb instead? After submerging the bath bomb in the water and dissolving it, a surprise ring will emerge out of the center. 

What's better than a relaxing bath? That's easy, one with surprise jewelry! Simply include your teen’s ring size with your order, and they will get a surprise ring with every single bath bomb. It's basically two gifts in one. 

Don’t know which bath bomb to choose? Why not try a gift bundle? We have several options of pre-selected gift bundles that are perfect for anyone who's unsure of where to start. 

Body Scrubs

Not sure if the teen you're buying a gift for has a bathtub? Not to worry. Body scrubs are a great self-care gift that can be used in the shower as well. This versatile gift is perfect for any teenage girl. Body scrubs smell great and are a fun way to get your beauty on. 

Our most popular scrub with teen girls is definitely our Disco Scrub. It’s everything a teenage girl wants in a beauty product. This scrub has an amazing floral scent, is purple, and most importantly--it’s sparkly! This body scrub makes a party out of bath time and is a great way to prep for a special event.

If you want to really go all-in on body scrubs, you can even get them our Scrubs Holy Grail Set. They will get our teen-tastic Disco Scrub, two different invigorating Coffee Scrubs, and a relaxing Destress Scrub. After all, teens experience a wide range of emotions. Why not get them multiple scrubs to suit any mood? 

Gift Bundles

Still not sure of what gift to buy for a teenage girl? Let’s break down some of our most popular gift sets. Don’t sweat it. You’ll find the perfect gift in no time. 

Work From Home Kit

Has the teen you're buying a gift for been studying a lot? Why not help them focus with our Work From Home Kit? This kit comes with everything they need to get started diffusing essential oils. It includes an essential oil diffuser and three essential oil blends that are specially formulated to help them focus, keep them energized, and motivate them to keep studying hard. 

This gift set is perfect for any high school or college-age teen that spends long hours studying. Show them that you care by giving them the gift of focus. 

Happy Bathday Bundle

The Happy Bathday Bundle is perfect for any bath bomb fanatic. This gift set includes five of our most colorful bath bombs, each with a sparkling surprise ring inside. This gift is perfect for any celebration and is sure to blow your teen’s mind! It even comes with gift wrapping. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of all the details. 

Essential Oils Starter Kit

If you are unsure of what the teenage girl you're shopping for likes, then you should get her the Essential Oils Starter Kit. This kit comes with everything they need to start experimenting with essential oils, including a diffuser and four different oil blends to try. Let them experiment and create their own scent vibes. When in doubt, give a teen options. That way they can choose for themselves. 

Don't Know What To Get Her Bundle

Totally lost? This is the gift set for you. It covers all bases. This set includes two bath bombs (each with a surprise ring inside), a diffuser necklace, and our most popular essential oil blend “Bliss.” This gift set has everything you need to give a fun, personal gift that is sure to please even the pickiest of teens. 

In Conclusion

Being a teenage girl is incredibly difficult. Often, teenage girls are experiencing intense emotions, a ton of stress, and are grappling with their rapidly changing bodies. Giving the gift of self-care is priceless. Taking time to de-stress and relax is essential to surviving your teen years. Show your teen that you care by giving them the gift of relaxation. Remember, if they are super picky, opt for a gift that gives them options. Any one of our expertly curated gift bundles has a variety that is sure to please. 


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