Here Are The Top Reasons On Why You Need To Start Using Bath Bombs

Here Are The Top Reasons On Why You Need To Start Using Bath Bombs

Are bath bombs something that you have heard about? Have you ever tried them? If your answer was no, then you are in for some real excitement.

bath bomb is a firmly-packed mixture of wet and dry ingredients that begin to fizz or bubble when reacting with water. The ingredients that make up a bath bomb are baking soda, epsom salt, corn starch, citric acid, water, essential oils, coconut oil (other veggie oils), and food colorant, mica powder or FDA approved lakes.

Pamper Yourself

When you are using all natural bath bombs that are made up of ingredients such as shea butter, essential oils, and avocado oil, you are treating your skin in an amazing, natural way. Shea butter is a natural sunscreen and has anti-inflammatory properties, which leaves your skin nourished and rejuvenated. Depending on the bath bomb that you have chosen, you can find plenty of benefits.

Entertaining Yourself

Having some watery fun in the bathtub never hurt anybody right? When you are using a bath bombs that is made specifically for kids, it can turn bath time into the best time ever. The excitement of watching the fizziness of bubbles come to the surface of the water along with the vibrant colors cannot be explained in words.

Simple To Use

Bath bombs are extremely simple to use. So if you are looking to soak in a tub and relax after a long, hard and stressful day, a bath bomb is the best way to go as it will get you soaking in no time. Just simply drop a bath bomb in the tub and you are all set to relax away. No measuring, no unscrewing the cap, no pouring or doing any other work.


Bath bombs often comes in plastic wrapping which are non-biodegradable. However, using a Bubbly Belle bath bomb is much better as they do not come in plastic wrapping that is non-biodegrabable and are not shipped in any packaging that is not biodegradable. Bubbly Belle bath bombs are pure, natural and use holistic bath essentials that do not harm the environment.

Spa-like Relaxation

Do you often dream about relaxing in a spa to sit back and unwind after a long day? Well steeping inside a spa every day can be pricey and sometimes inconvenient. Instead of dealing with that, why don’t you bring the experience into your home with Bubbly Belle's unique bath bombs

Bath bombs are a great treat that can make bathing a fun experience in your bathroom. They can be very affordable and a simple way to pamper yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Get your bath bombs today!!

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