How To Use Bar Soap the Right Way

How To Use Bar Soap the Right Way

Raise your hand if you’re tired of using basic and boring body wash (we sure are). Sure, it gets the job done, and you’re clean afterward, but there’s nothing that exciting about scrubbing your body with plain old body wash. Bars of soap, on the other hand, are way better. Most of the time, they are more natural, and they are definitely way more unique than body wash. Here’s a list of reasons why bar soap is the way to go: 

  • More natural: most soap bars are made from natural ingredients, which are better for your body and skin.  
  • Comes in cool colors: soap bars come in all of your favorite colors, while body wash is typically white or another neutral color.
  • More unique ingredients: you can have actual pieces of ingredients in your soap bars (such as oats or dried herbs).  
  • Interesting designs and patterns: soap bars can have designs and patterns, unlike plain body wash. 
  • Can act as a massage tool: if you are feeling a bit sore, you can use the edge of your soap bar to double as a cleanser and a massage tool for your muscles. 

As you can see, there are way more reasons to be using a soap bar than body wash. There’s nothing wrong with body wash, of course, but we just think shower and bath time should be as enjoyable as possible! In order to get the most out of your bar of soap, it’s essential to know how to use it properly. After all, you don’t want it to go to waste and have to throw it away after only a few uses. Your bar of soap should last you for at least four to six weeks, if not longer. 

There are also some misconceptions about soap bars that we will clear up for you. Any doubts or questions you have should disappear by the end of this article. Best of all, we will even tell you about the bars of soap you seriously need to try. You’ll be ready to jump into the shower after this! Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to use a bar of soap (the right way!).  

Step One 

First things first: it’s all about having the proper water temperature. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Can’t I just take a normal hot shower?” The answer is: Nope! When using a bar of soap, it’s actually better to keep the water at a mild or warm temperature rather than steaming hot (sorry, hot shower lovers!). But don’t worry, after using it, you can turn the temperature back up. 

You want to use a mild or warm temperature because extremely hot water will shrink your soap bar more quickly! Plus, did you know that hot water doesn’t allow soap to lather as well as mild or warm water does? That’s right, the more mild the water temp, the more suds you’re going to get. And who doesn’t love a sudsy and well-lathered shower experience? 

As an additional note, you should be using mild or warm water anyways! Hot water is very drying to your skin. Keeping the water warm instead of hot will allow you to see a noticeable improvement in your skin. You might be able to go from dry and flaky to soft and smooth skin. And if your skin is more hydrated, it will allow the soap ingredients to be more effective. The moral of the story? Warm water > hot water. 

Step Two 

After you find the perfect water temperature, it’s time for step two. Lather up! By now, you know that warm water makes for the perfect lather. Now is the time to get those luxurious, soapy bubbles that come from lathering your skin with the soap bar. First, start by running the soap bar under the water for about 20 seconds. Make sure the whole bar is wet and there are no dry spots. 

We know this might seem obvious, but you also need to make sure that your body is completely wet as well. That way, it’s easier to form a lather. After you give the bar and your body a good rinse, it’s time to start lathering. Take the bar and rub it vigorously over your entire body or whichever parts you are trying to get soapy. Press firmly into the skin when you are rubbing so that the soap can really coat the skin. 

If you want, you can put the soap down and use your hands to get an extra lather. Use the soap that’s already on your skin to scrub even more. It’s also easier to use your hands for those hard-to-reach places like your underarms or your back.

Once you’ve gotten everything squeaky clean, all that’s left to do is simply rinse off until you are soap-free. It’s easy to see how using a bar of soap will fit perfectly into your shower or bath routine! 

Step Three 

This is actually the most critical step, so listen carefully. It’s very easy for your bar of soap to become a bacteria trap. Bacteria thrive on damp objects that are left in damp and dark places. Therefore, they will love your wet bar of soap that’s left in a wet shower with the lights turned off. If you don’t take care of the bar properly, your soap could become a breeding ground for bacteria (yuck!). 

So, how do you prevent your soap bar from gathering bacteria? It’s actually pretty simple. Just make sure it dries properly in between uses. FYI, if you’re wondering how an antibacterial soap bar can grow bacteria, it’s actually not the soap that grows bacteria. It’s the water that’s left behind after each use! The biggest no-no when it comes to germs and soap is leaving your bar on the ledge in your shower after you use it. 

Instead, put it on a dry tray in front of a window, or place a dry sponge between the soap and the shower ledge. You want to make sure there are not two wet surfaces touching because that’s when bacteria really starts to grow. If you keep your soap dry between uses, you’ll have nothing to worry about at all. 

Where Should I Buy My Soap Bars?

The best place to buy bars of soap is right here at Bubbly Belle! Simply put, our collection of soap body bars is amazing. We have all sorts of soap bars with different ingredients and benefits. And the best part? Our soap doesn’t just have to be used as an alternative to body wash. You can use it as hand soap, shaving soap, or any other kind of soap you might need. 

All of our soaps are made with high-quality, natural ingredients. They’re perfect if you prefer natural body products. And if you don’t have a preference, you’ll find that natural products are just as effective as non-natural ones (maybe even more so). They are also much gentler and kinder on your skin. Plus, each bar is so hydrating and moisturizing, you’ll never want to go back to your old body wash again. 

Did we mention we have six delicious scents to choose from? Whether you are looking for something fruity and fun, or neutral and natural, we’ve got options for you. One of the great things about our bars is that they each have a purpose (besides getting you really clean, of course). 

For a relaxing and chill experience, try our lavender bar. For an energizing and fresh experience, try the pink grapefruit bar.  And for those who are looking for something calming and soothing, the oatmeal and honey bar will be your go-to. 

Raising the Bar 

By now, you know the proper way to use your bar of soap. Remember, there are three important steps to follow in order to get the most out of your bar. More importantly, these steps will help prevent bacteria from forming on your bar. Having bacteria on your soap bar can be potentially dangerous for your health, and it can cause issues with your skin. And nobody wants to deal with that! 

Ready to make the switch from body wash to bar soap? We’ve got you covered. Trust us; you are going to love our body bars. If you don’t know which one to try first, try them all! We have a variety pack and packs of two so that you can find a bar you truly love and enjoy using.


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