This is 2018's Top Bath Bombs On The Market

This is 2018's Top Bath Bombs On The Market

Have you always wanted to have the spa experience in your own bathroom but never knew where to start? Well we know a perfect way to get you going in the right direction and that is bath bombs. Bath bombs are hard-packed mixtures of dry ingredients which effervesce when wet. They are used to add essential oils, scent, bubbles or color to bathwater.

Check out our list of 2018's Top Bath Bombs on the market with the help from Savant Magazine. 


Natural Spa Bath All Natural Bath Bomb Gift Set – Variety Pack

No need to narrow down favorites. With this variety pack of bath time bombs from Natural Spa Bath, you can take your pick. Each package is handmade and eco-friendly, made from recycled gift boxes and tissue paper, and features six signature fragrance bars infused with essential oils.


Bubbly Belle's Destress Bath Bomb

Destress - The #1 selling bath bomb for Bubbly Belle. This bath bomb allows you to forget the load of daily stress that comes with everyday life with soothing blends of orange, lavender and lemon essential oils with a whisper of black raspberry vanilla. These all natural oils will put your body at ease, peace, calm and zen. 

Lush Cosmetics Butterball Bath Bomb


Here's a little something to butter you up. Infused with chunks of creamy Fair Trade cocoa butter and sweetly scented like vanilla custard, this Lushie fave provides a heavenly, hydrating soak that softens skin and relaxes the body.

Wild Rituals Goodnight Moon Bath Bomb

This before-bedtime bomb from Wild Rituals is an out-of-this-world soak that guarantees a good night's sleep. Notes of milk and honey relax the mind while a balanced blend of shea butter, lavender buds, and oats absorbs into pores, so skin stays smooth and you become less stressed.

Basin Pokemon Egg Bath Bomb

Well aware of our duty to catch 'em all, we'd not so secretly pass on poke balls for Basin's green spotted any day. Drop into your little one's warm bath, or humor a bit of nostalgia (because we know you're still playing Go). The bomb will dissolve in three to five minutes flat, dispensing a combination of fragrance and color deemed to be therapeutic.

Savant Magazine's Top 10 best bath bombs of 2018

Yumscents Love Spell Bath Bomb

The value of the Yumscents Bath bomb makes it a highly sought-after bath bomb model. Boasting a sweet and mild exquisite cloyingly scent, it leaves you smelling sweet with every bath you take. It is characterized by a nicely fizzling premium formula and characteristic residue-free smooth ingredients which in comparison to other brands leaves the bathtub stain free. Moreover, it also comprises an SLS-free safe formula characterized by moisturizing oils which improve your overall skin health. 

Aromatherapy Fizzing Shower Bombs

The Aromatherapy model is typically a fizzing bath bomb characterized by compelling aromatherapy extracts that are highly beneficial to its users. Besides ultimately giving a smooth skin, it opens up all sinuses, refreshes your body and cools your skin right after a bath. Its natural and organic ingredients such as menthol, cucumber extracts, and oils are not only suitable for all types of skin, but also cleanse and soothes the skin leaving it nourished and refreshed. The bath bomb comes in an exclusive 4-pack package that is compact and quite affordable and even though it has been cited to dissolve fast, its benefits overshadow this setback. 

Big Blue LUSH Bath Bomb

For anyone with a disappointing bath bomb experience and needs a product that will ensure remarkable results, Big Blue LUSH bath bomb is a calming and relaxing product that has gained popularity globally owing to its skin-soothing capacity. Nonetheless, results are after persistent and continuous use. It utilizes an assortment of natural ingredients such as lemon oil that is mild and soft on the users. Combined, the ingredients improve luster of the skin and overall health. Boasting a characteristic seaweed-rich formula, it not only dissolves efficiently in water but is also effective in hot water absorption. It brings simplicity to its use since it only mandates for you dunking the ball into your tub and leaving it to perform its intended purpose.

Random Scented 6 Pack Baby Bath Bombs

Perfectly suited to work on everybody, these 6-pack bath bombs are an affordable solution to your disappointing shower experience. Made of perfectly safe ingredients, they dispel all skin irritation concerns and leave you rejuvenated and glowing. It is characterized by individual wrapping for every bomb and randomly scented bath bombs. Although this packaging is sometimes difficult to unwrap, almost no other bath bomb pack can guarantee the results you get with this particular item.

Hugo Naturals Fizzy Bath Bomb

Coming in with an exclusive 6-ounce design, this mint and rosemary fortified product is the ideal fit for an amazing shower experience. Besides having a cool effect that has a resulting refreshing effect, it also contains essential oils (eucalyptus) that perfectly condition the skin. This fizzy product is also complimented by moisturizers that make the skin both supple and smooth and not to forget a blend of vanilla and fragrant lavender extract and infused essential oils that boost overall health and comfort.

Village Naturals Bath Shoppe Bath Bomb

Generally, a bath bomb offers a relaxing and soothing effect aside from boosting skin health; an aspect that Village Naturals bath bomb adheres to the letter. Ideal for a variety of skin types, it comprises hypoallergenic ingredients infusion to create a memorable experience. Moreover, it is further complemented by moisturizing and softening oils which improve the luster of the skin not to forget an exclusive formula (slow release) which last for a considerable time in the water. Reputed for its ability to soothe the skin, its therapeutic fragrance further boosts its popularity ratings. Recommended for family setups, it comes in a 3-pack bath bomb, all with dissimilar fragrances.

Schone Natural (Essential Oils) Bath Bombs

Looking for a good way to surprise your loved ones? Take home the Schone Natural Oil 6-pack package and treat them to their most soothing bathing experience yet! It is packed with natural ingredients in the form of cocoa butter which works well in soothing and smoothening of the skin. Moreover, the ingredient composition further includes an infusion of essential oils which not only rejuvenate your skin cells but also perfectly perfume your skin. Similar to their bath bombs, it is also characterized by natural and sweet fragrances that give you a wonderful and soothing experience. In addition to using natural elements, it is free of artificial colors/dyes that are the skin irritant and is easy to use and wash off.

Natural Bath Bombs

The Essence of Earth bomb is a perfect cost efficient way to soothe and take care of your skin. It comes with 6 exclusive bombs which are not only durable but ideal for all types of skin. The resulting ingredient composition boasts all-natural elements such as hazel and coconut oils that give you a youthful look with continued use. Moreover, with an inclusion of elements such as sea salt, it instantly improves your overall skin health. The six brightly colored bombs are free of residues which subsequently stain the shower and although it comes with a fussy package, it is fairly appealing as inspired by its natural fragrances and surprisingly quite affordable.

Oliver Rocket Bath Bombs

Oliver rocket brings a touch of excellence with its 6 distinct bath bombs which are characterized by numerous fragrances that appeal to everyone’s sensibilities. Perhaps its best selling point is that it utilizes safe and natural ingredients such as coconut oils and kosher salts that perfectly condition your skin and leave it rejuvenated and soft. Even though some of its fragrances may be considered overbearing, these bath bombs are durable and residue free accessories that guarantee you a soothing and unforgettable bathing experience.

Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Gift Set

With the Rejuvelle bombs, you get an essential oil ingredient composition intended to leave you with a soft, smooth skin after each use. Aside from being durable and simple to use, it is also free of any irritants that would otherwise harm your skin in the long run. It also boasts a formula based on essential oils, a formula that will provide an almost therapeutic experience every single time you use it. Last but not least, you will find this bath bomb gift set to be surprisingly affordable given its overall quality.



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