What Causes Bath Bombs To Fizz

What Causes Bath Bombs To Fizz

Bath bombs are one of the most popular trends among social groups today. Some people pride themselves on having a collection of different colors and scents that would make anyone else who loves bath bombs jealous. 

If you are a bath bomb fanatic, you might have asked yourself where can I buy bath bombs in mass quantities? Some people are already buying wholesale bath bombs from different companies and some are even making bath bombs themselves.

When it comes to making your own homemade bath bombs, they can be pretty simple, but you wouldn't want to just make an ok or simple bath bomb. You want to make them as perfect and colorful as possible. This includes assuring a fragrant smell and a fizzy reaction when the bath bomb is dropped in the tub full of water.

"Let's Talk About Fragrance and Essential Oils First

Your homemade bath bomb doesn't need to be restricted to one essential oil per bomb. You can try mixing two or three essential oils to your bath bombs to make them even more fragrant. Just be sure to have the right mix when matching your essential oils. You don't want to end up having a plethora of essential oils in your bath bombs. To help guide you with the proper combinations of essential oils, here are a few of the combinations you might enjoy as well.

1. If you just want to relax and chill after a long stressful day of errands, work, and other activities, the combination of lavender, jasmine, thyme, and sandalwood would be best.

2. If you want to energize your senses, be lively in the morning, and jump start your day, a combination of lemon, peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus essential oils would be exceptional.

3. If you want to spice things up in a big bathtub, a mix of sage, geranium, and lavender essential oils is perfect for that moment.

Now that you have a proper combination of essential oils in your bath bomb, the next thing to worry about is why bath bombs fizz.

Let's Talk About Why Bath Bombs Fizz

Try dissolving your homemade bath bomb in the water and just observe its fizzing reaction. If it's not fizzing that much, the reason may be because there is less acid than the base, which presents an inferior reaction when submerged in water. Try adding more citric acid in your mixture to add a more intense reaction between the acid and base.

This will ensure that your bath bomb will result in a robust fizzing reaction. Start mixing the baking soda and citric acid with a ratio of 2:1.5. You can have two tsp of baking soda and then one and a half tsp of citric acid. The amount of oil in your mixture can also affect the fizzing reaction of your bath bomb. A lot of people ask where to buy citric acid?

Where to Buy Citric Acid

The best place where to buy citric acid would be the internet. Not every retail store will carry citric acid. Moving on, the more oil you put into your mixture, the smaller your fizzing reaction will be. The technique here is to get the right amount of base and acid to your mixture to balance perfectly. This means the proper reaction of the fizzy bomb once submerged into the water. Basically, this is why bath bombs fizz.

Once you get the proper balance and finally form the perfect bath bomb for you, the next concern is the storage. You have to protect your bath bombs from moisture. Over-exposure from the air can leave moisture in your bombs, so it's better to store them in a tight container or seal them with plastic wrap.

Since we've provided you with the knowledge of where to buy citric acid and why bath bombs fizz, now you know how to make your homemade bath bombs fragrant and fizzy."

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