Why Are Bath Bombs So Popular?

Why Are Bath Bombs So Popular?

Let's Ask Ourselves This, Why Are Bath Bombs So Popular?

Bath bombs have become the latest trend in cosmetics and aromatherapy. Many are already buying wholesale bath bombs for their own consumption. Bath bombs can be luxurious gifts to your friends and family on special occasions. The best bath bomb recipes can change depending on the individual's preference, so it's best to do a little researching before you gift one of these.

It's not just because these have been seen in music videos and YouTube compilations. Bath bombs give you an entirely new bathing experience both internally and externally. While bathing in a tub with fancy colors, who wouldn't want to take a photo of their tantalizing bath bomb bathing experience and post it all over Instagram.

It is also pampering to bathe in a tub with a colorful and fragrant water. Aside from that, bath bombs have therapeutic qualities as well.

So if you haven't tried bath bombs yet, here are THREE reasons why you should start using them now.

1. Bath Bombs Nourish Your Skin

The different essential oils added in your bath will help nourish your skin. Maybe this is the answer as to why bath bombs are so popular in today's society. For example, a bath bomb with lavender or eucalyptus essential oil helps nourish and moisturize your skin to make it feel soft. 

Cocoa butter is another ingredient that can be added to your bath bomb that moisturizes dry skin. Grapeseed oil, an antioxidant and perhaps the best bath bomb recipe, is great for treating inflammation. Depending on the bath bomb, there are many different essential oils added to nourish your skin.

2. Bath Bombs Rehydrate Your Skin

By soaking in the bath tub, the moisture that the essential oils produce in your bath bomb are absorbed deep into your skin. This locks in moisture and rehydrates your skin more effectively than by just applying lotion onto your skin.

3. Bath Bombs Provide Therapeutic Properties

The essential oils added in your bath bombs are considered a form of aromatherapy, where different scents can change your mood. For example, bath bombs with peppermint essential oil helps soothe your tired muscles and helps you relax after a long day of work or school.

Peppermint is the best bath bomb recipe for relaxation. Bath bombs with citrus oil gives you an energizing feeling so you can kick start your day alert. Bath bombs with eucalyptus essential oil provide you with relief from colds, flu, and sinusitis, so you can have a good night sleep and be ready for the morning. 

How To Use Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are so simple and so fun to use. Just fill your bath tub with water and your desired temperature. Once done, choose the bath bomb with your preferred scent, and simply drop the bomb into your bath tub. The bath bomb will then start to fizz and produce bubbles while releasing colorful scents and oils throughout the water.

Then you can start soaking in the tub with aromatic fragrance. When you are done, you don't need to rinse off with water. Just let the oils soak into your skin to help lock in moisture.

It is not just the colorful bathing experience that is why bath bombs are so popular. Above all, it is the beneficial affects that they have for your skin, and its fragrance provides therapeutic properties that help you through all points of your day whether relaxed or needing energy.

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