Are Bath Bombs Safe?

Are Bath Bombs Safe?

Bath bombs can take you to a relaxing state that most other things just can't do for you. The question most people have is, are bath bombs safe for you? Bath bombs contain unique coloring and fragrances or oils that dissolve throughout the water to create a beautifully looking and smelling bath. Many of the ingredients in bath bombs have other nourishing elements that may cause a different reaction for each person.

Even though bath time can be one of the most relaxing parts of your day, there is still many out there who believe certain ingredients aren't good for you. Certain ingredients have been said to cause hormone-disruption and possibly activate certain diseases that dyes can enter through your mucous membranes. Like everything else, aways research the bath bombs you are purchasing to ensure there is nothing that can harm you. 

Your Bloodstream and Food Coloring 

Fake food coloring isn’t just a danger in foods we consume. In a 2013 Slovenian study, scientists found that your skin can actually absorb the toxic colors, mainly through freshly shaven skin and the mucous membranes. After that, the food coloring is absorbed into your bloodstream. Which normally is broken down in the gut or detoxed through the liver. 

The most common color dyes used in bath bombs have been shown to cause allergy-like reactions and symptoms in certain people that is based on one's ph level. Some colors contain cancer-causing chemicals, while other studies link certain popular food colors to brain damage and even a higher risk of brain cancer. Certain yellow dye may cause an increase in the risk of adrenal and kidney cancers. These are risks that no one should be wanting to take before knowing what is in the bath bomb they are ordering.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

A Urinary tract infection is defined by as an infection of the kidney, ureter, bladder, or urethra. Abbreviated UTI. Not everyone with a UTI has symptoms, but common symptoms include a frequent urge to urinate and pain or burning when urinating. It is commonly known that showers are better than baths when it comes to preventing UTI infections. But did you know common skin allergens and other ingredients in bath bombs and other bath essentials that come in contact with the genital area, mainly in women, can actually trigger UTI infections.


Certain bath bombs out there contain glitter and a lot of it, tiny pieces of harmful plastic that do not biodegrade once they wash down your drain into bodies of water. That’s not just trouble for wildlife, but for human beings as well. Small bits of plastic glitter aren’t things I’d want near my lower area or entering my skin.

Yeast Infections

Certain chemicals in fragrances that fall under the “fragrance” term on the ingredients list can also reek havoc to the vagina’s natural pH balance, which increases the risk of vaginal yeast infections. 


There is great benefits from bath bombs that usually go unnoticed due to all the negative that is out there because people are not educated enough on them. The great thing about bath bombs is what it can do for one's skin by bringing rejuvenation and healing. Just look at this one person's testimonial and how it has changed her life.

"How This Lupus Advocate Finds Beauty in Illness

But as far as your skin is concerned, they're essentially no different from adding a splash of bath oil or salt into the water. "Bath bombs can add oils to a bath, and the oils are moisturizing," says Amy Wechsler, a dermatologist in New York City. "On the other hand, some of the ingredients can be irritating, especially the fragrances and dyes." Not to mention picking glitter out of places that should never sparkle.

So if you have skin that is at all sensitive, skip the bath bomb altogether (if you're wondering, Schueller identifies the most common irritants in bath soaks as limonene, linalool, and alpha-isomethyl ionone). The bottom line? Bath bombs fall into the same category as baths themselves: less about function and more about the sensory experience. So unless you're concerned about irritants ­— or just a neat freak who doesn't want to deal with a magenta bathtub ring — bombs away!" (source:


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