Can Bath Bombs Cause Damage To A Hot Tub?

Can Bath Bombs Cause Damage To A Hot Tub?

Hot tubs are by far one of the greatest inventions that could ever happen to humankind. After a stressful day working or just living, it can easily forgotten in seconds with a nice, hot soak. Now add bath bombs and you will have the perfect way to achieve true relaxation. There is however a question that some people with hot tubs are beginning to ask, which is are bath bombs safe for hot tubs? Will it ruin the jets or inner workings of the hot tub?

We will go into what happens when a bath bomb is placed inside a hot tub

Bath bombs should always be used in hot tubs with caution as they is ingredients in them that can cause issues with the jets. Consult with an expert to truly get the best advice on this.

Bath bombs are safe to use in hot tubs if they are used in the right way. If you’re not careful, you can pretty much go to the toilet and flush your money down as that is what you are essentially doing after just recklessly throwing bath bombs in a hot tub. Too much usage of bath bombs can easily start to wear down your expensive hot tub.

So, what is the correct answer to this - Here Are the Two Major Things You Can Do:

"#1: Bath Bombs with Confetti or Debris Inside Should Be Contained!

Some retail or wholesale bath bombs are stuffed with glitters, confetti, or even flower petals. While these lovely additional materials make the tub look magical, they can be a horror for the jets of the hot tub. People who used fizzy bombs with these particles found that the Jacuzzi stopped working after just the fourth use. This is because these particles clog up the jets, and when these are not cleaned after a few uses, the jets will malfunction or stop working. Bath bomb bulk use will make this problem occur more quickly too.

If you want to avoid the costs of repairing or buying a new hot tub, you need to wrap these miscellaneous props with a nylon stocking or fabric bag during every use. This will trap the particles and keep them from coming out, but the delightful fizz will still be able to pass through. ​

#2: Thoroughly Clean the Hot Tub After Use

Cleaning a Jacuzzi takes a lot of work even without the bath bombs to begin with. Using a bath bomb bulk adds a whole lot more work to keep it shiny. Fizzy bombs leave oil and sometimes glitters, and when left uncleaned after every use, the oil builds up and makes the tub look distasteful and not ideal to use. 

On top of your regular cleaning routine, you need to add one more process specifically designed to remove all traces of the bath bomb from the tub. First, you need to run a very hot bath mixed with dish soap. It’s best to use a dishwasher soap that does not form bubbles. Run this bath for a minimum of thirty minutes. This will remove the oil left by the bath bombs. After this, run another hot bath for thirty minutes, but this time mix it with one or two cap fulls of bleach. This will sanitize the jets." (source:

When all is said and done, run another half hour bath, but make sure it is cold and there is nothing mixed in it. This will get rid of any remaining soap or bleach in the tub as well as any of the oils or debris left over from the bath bomb.

Since this cleaning procedure is very strict, you can use it after every 2 to 3 uses of the bath bombs. You can also clean the jets with a toothbrush or any scrubbing brush that can fit into the jet to make sure that there are no particles left inside them.

Like anything else that is filled with nourishing ingredients, clean up is sure to follow – especially when used in hot tubs. Pamper yourself, have fun, and be relaxed with these two practical tips in using bath bombs in hot tubs.

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