Bubbly Belle Bath Bomb Review

Bubbly Belle Bath Bomb Review

Who does not like relaxing??

I like taking bathes for relaxing. A good face mask and a soak…ahhhh.
The quiet time from work, a toddler, and noisy life is very nice. Coming out smelling good is a plus too. I like taking bathes with green tea bags and Epsom salt or bath bombs. The fizzing and colors are just too hard to resist. But, with BB (bath bombs), you definitely don’t want to come out of the tub a different color because of the dyes or with a UTI from unnatural products in it.

While scrolling on Instagram as I do (way too much), I saw an ad for Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs. This is one of the ones with a ring on the inside. For whatever reason, I decided to click on the link. When I got to the website, I was able to pick out my first BB for $1! You choose one and then it moves you through some other options and promotions. You can add more for a discounted price, choose a ring size, and then check out.

The packaging is cute. I ordered the “Massage” scent. I also did the BOGO free BB promotion along with receiving a bonus ring. That was another little promotion from clicking the Instagram link.

When you get your ring out, there is a little code (above) that when you enter it into the Bubbly Belle website, it will give you an amount that your ring is worth. This also enters you into a drawing for a chance to win up to a $10,000 ring!

My bonus ring (below) is this super simple purple and it is worth $20. I chose a size 7 (there are no half sizes) and it fits great on my ring finger.

Bath Time!

So the actual BB… The website lets you know what ingredients that are used in each one. It’s always a plus to know what you’re putting on your skin. The “Massage” BB has 4 different essential oils. They even tell you the dyes/colors that are used in the BB.

While sitting, I shaved my legs and they felt extra smooth after I got out. They felt soft and moisturized. Not to mention, smelt really good too. The floral smell it gave off is nice too. I also like the ring that came out of my first bath bomb. The simplicity of these rings are just my style. I’m pretty excited to see the next one 🙂

These would be great in stocking or gift baskets for special occasions. Mothers day is coming up. I’m sure someone you know would love to soak in a tub and get a little surprise! And if you did a gift basket, you can add a DIY lip scrub in there! I linked a post of mine with some ingredients for a tasty one!

Thanks for reading! Show me your rings if you get one!

Head over to Bubbly Belle to order some of our one-of-a-kind bath bombs.


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