Bubbly Belle & The Environment

Bubbly Belle & The Environment

Protecting our planet and all the living creatures who inhabit it is what we value most!

It’s the commitment of this company that pours into our products from our hands to yours. We take this commitment to environmental conservation seriously, and we’re conscious of how our products and business practices interact with the environment.

In order to accomplish this, we are using creative and inventive solutions to make a positive impact on the planet and those of us who inhabit it to leave a better carbon footprint for those who come after us.


Our bath bombs are packaged with eco-friendly plastic wrap that will decompose over time and cause no harm to the environment. 

Environmental Waste

It’s important for us to look to the simplest forms of packaging to do the job and use post-consumer or post-industrial recycled materials that are 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable whenever possible.

For example, the packing peanuts we use in our shipped products are made from a natural vegetable starch, so they’re 100% biodegradable!

Sustainable Sourcing

We use our buying power to affect positive change in the world. We give our support and investment to suppliers that respect the environment as much as we do, this includes the animals and people living on it.

We work diligently with all of our suppliers to minimize our environmental impact and if we can, try to even improve it.


We work closely with our transportation company to source low-impact and ethically responsible fuels for moving our products around North America, and use ground shipping over air whenever possible. We do this to minimize the effects that is caused by airplane fuel. 


The electricity used in our manufacturing warehouse is matched with renewable energy from wind and low-impact hydro. We are able to utilize less power in our warehouse and in turn still be able to produce high quality bath bombs


As we share our water with the entire planet and, we feel that it’s a vital resource and need to ensure it is still drinkable and present for years to come. We monitor our water usage at our factories and are constantly working on ways to reduce our consumption of fresh water resources.

We also ensure that all the companies we partner with are doing their part and are aligned with our environmental policies as well. 

Our Green Impact Thus Far

  • Our pots and bottles are made from BPA-Free, 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.
  • Shipped items are packed in biodegradable plastic bags, recycled paper and/or biodegradable filler and eco-friendly packing tape.
  • Our gifts are wrapped in 100% recycled paper and packaged with biodegradable filler.
  • 100% of our electricity consumed, is replenished back into other vital energy sources throughout. 

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