Can Bath Bombs Have Alternative Uses?

Can Bath Bombs Have Alternative Uses?

Even if you don't have a bath tub or you don't like taking baths in general, there are so many other ways you can enjoy using bath bombs that you probably didn't know about. Check out the many different ways a bath bomb can be used down below. It is pretty awesome to see how inventive one can get!

Mini Bath

Take your bath bomb and just drop half or a quarter of the bath bomb in a tub filled with warm water. Then soak your feet or hands in the tub. Your feet and hands will be so soft and moisturized after.

Make Your Carpet Smell Nice

Crush and sprinkle light or uncolored bath bombs on the floor before you vacuum to scent carpet and rugs. This will keep your carpet smelling fresh. 

Keep Your Shoes Smelling Good

Break a bath bomb in half and put each in each shoe to deodorize them.

Use one as a deodorizer spray

Dissolve 1/4 of a bath bomb in a bucket of water. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture. You now have an air and fabric refresher or deodorizing spray for your feet that will keep them smelling good and nourished.

Bomb Your Shower

Use small chunks of the bath bomb (very small chunks) as a body scrub to exfoliate and nourish your skin in the shower.

Show Them Off

Take some bath bombs and put them inside of a glass bowl. They will look great and smell like an orchid of flowers and fresh fruits all day long.

Make Your Clothes Smell Fresh

Take a ziplock bag and put half of a bath bomb inside it. Hang the bag in your closet or some place in your chest of drawers. Your clothes will always smell amazing and right out of the wash.

Vapor Bomb

Fill your entire house with the smell of your favorite bath bomb(s). Take a large pot and fill it with water. Put it on the stove till it's boiling and then drop a bath bomb in. Turn the heat down to low so the water is no longer boiling, but still steaming. The lovely scented vapor will scent your entire house, leaving it filled with magical aromas.

So like we said, you don't need a bath or even to like baths to use a bath bomb. The only difficult part is deciding on which scents you want and how you want to use them. 

Is there any other ways that you can think of when it comes to using a bath bomb in a different way?

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