The 7 Benefits of Citrus Essential Oil Blends

The 7 Benefits of Citrus Essential Oil Blends

If the fresh smell of cleaning products is the only thing that motivates you to clean, and you dream of living in a warm climate so you can fill your yard with lemon trees, you know just how delicious citrus can be. We often associate the smell with freshness and warmth—so it’s easy to see how this sunny scent has won a place in many people’s hearts.

While lemon is probably the most common citrus, there’s such a wide range of fruits, flavors, and scents that if citrus is your jam, you’ll never get bored. There’s classic lemon, wholesome orange, aromatic yuzu, striking blood orange, or something more earthy like neroli or petitgrain. These scents are all amazing as essential oils, too!

There really are so many options when it comes to citrus. So even if a generic lemon-scented essential oil really does it for you, there are definitely other citrus options to find the perfect fit for you and your mood. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of citrus essential oils!

1. Anti-Microbial

The reason you probably associate the smell of citrus with spring cleaning is actually pretty simple! It’s often used in cleaning products because lemon essential oil, as well as other citrus oils like lime, is thought to have antimicrobial and antifungal qualities. Studies even show that lemon essential oil is effective when it comes to Staph infections and E. Coli.

You’ll want to make sure your lemon essential oil is correctly blended and diluted with a carrier oil—and you’ll also probably want something a little stronger in the mix, especially if you’re using a homemade solution for cleaning surfaces you use for food prep to make sure everything is safe, of course. But for a basic cleaning product, citrus essential oil blends when used properly can be helpful, and they smell delicious as a bonus. 

2. Anti-Stink

No, that’s not the scientific term… but it is an important one. If you have dogs, children, or just like to hit the gym, finding something that neutralizes bad smells is key to keeping a happy and healthy home. If you don’t the clinical smell of many cleaning products, or what comes in spray bottles at the grocery store just doesn’t do it for you, citrus essential oil blends may be the answer.

In addition to those anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that make them so useful for cleaning, citrus essential oils such as sweet orange have great antiseptic properties that make them ideal for diluting with water and pouring into a spray bottle whenever you feel like your living space could use a little refresh. 

You can also use your chosen citrus essential oil, or an essential oil blend that includes citrus, in the Bubbly Home Essential Oil Diffuser. All you have to do is fill the water tank and add a few drops of your chosen essential oils. Choose the setting you prefer and you’re off to the races. That way, you can give your smelliest room a spritz on the regular without having to lift a finger.

3. Improves Focus

Another great benefit to citrus essential oil blends is that they’re thought to help improve your focus. If you have a home office—or even your own office at work and aren’t concerned about disturbing your colleagues—it can be hard to buckle down and focus. With endless options on the internet and phone apps to entertain us at any moment, it can be hard to tear yourself away from scrolling or from socializing with coworkers long enough to get anything done.

If your productivity isn’t quite making the mark, you may be looking for things to help bridge that gap. Citrus essential oil blends can help! Some studies have shown that exposure to citrus essential oils while working or studying can actually improve your academic or professional performance. 

Adding some grapefruit essential oil, or whichever other citrus oil you prefer, to your diffuser before you sit down to dig into your next big project can give you the boost you need. We also love lime oil when trying to find your focus, especially paired with peppermint essential oil, which is also thought to positively impact your focus! 

4. Boost Your Mood

As we get deeper into winter, daylight seems more and more like a finite resource. Especially if you live somewhere where it’s pitch black before you’re even done with work, it can be really hard to look on the bright side. If you find that your mood is a bit darker than usual and are eager to find new ways to help pull yourself up from being down in the dumps, a sunny citrus oil blend may actually help.

Essential oils like bergamot have been shown to have an effect in lowering stress hormones in animals. And if you’ve ever tried to use dating apps, you know that we humans are nothing if not animals. So popping a blend of citrus essential oils into your diffuser if you’re feeling down may actually help to brighten your outlook.

Of course, when we’re talking about using essential oil blends to brighten your mood, we’re in no way suggesting that you shouldn’t also pursue other options to improve your help. And if you’re thinking you might actually be depressed, you should definitely speak to your loved ones or a trusted professional to help get things back on track. 

5. Helps With Nausea

If you’re struggling with morning sickness, our hearts go out to you. How can something that’s so wonderful and exciting go hand in hand with something so unrelentingly awful?! Unfortunately, it does. If you’re pregnant and are waking up every day feeling nauseous and even getting sick, citrus may be an easy trick to help fight off that next wave of going-to-be-sick.

Lemon essential oil has actually been shown to have a positive effect on feeling sick and even on throwing up. While a strong scent may not seem like what you need when you’re struggling with morning sickness, a light breeze of lemon in your diffuser may actually make everything a bit better.

6. Good for Skin

If you’re all about that skincare routine, you’re probably constantly looking for easy ways to kick your glow up a notch. As it happens, the qualities that make citrus essential oil blends amazing for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and smell also makes them great for your skin.

The antifungal and antimicrobial properties of citrus are great at fighting off any dirt or germs that might get into your pores and cause a breakout. They’re also thought to be good for inflammation. And some citrus essential oils are packed with antioxidants, which are great for your skin too. Antioxidants can help get you that clear, even complexion you dream of.

If you are going to apply an essential oil directly to your skin, it’s important to do some research on how to dilute it properly first. While essential oils are naturally safe, they can be irritating to your skin when applied in their purest form. Find a skin-friendly carrier oil, like grapeseed oil or coconut oil, to dilute your chosen citrus oil before applying.

7. Good for Your Health

While we definitely think that things that make you feel good are good for your health, citrus essential oil blends have the added benefit of potentially helping you through your next cold or bout of seasonal allergies. Nothing is going to replace a visit to your doctor or prescribed medication if something is seriously wrong, but if you’re feeling a bit stuffy, have a sore throat and overall are just a bit run down, citrus essential oils are a great home remedy to try.

You can add lemon or a citrus scent of your choice to your diffuser, or you could try an Immunity Boost Roll On essential oil that’s already diffused and ready to go to help kick your body into gear and promote health and healing. What could be better when you’re feeling under the weather?

In Conclusion

Not only do citrus essential oils blends smell amazing, but they have all sorts of bonus benefits to your mood and to your health when used correctly. Whether citrus scents are already your fav or you’re looking for something new and fresh to add to your rotation, these blends are a great option for brightening up your day.


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