Do Bath Bombs Stain The Tub?

Do Bath Bombs Stain The Tub?

Some of the most frequent questions that we get asked about bath bombs are: 

1 - Will the bath bombs stain my bathtub?

2 - Will bath bombs leave a ring around my tub?

Well you are about to have those two questions answered. 

Bath bombs from well-known and honest companies should not stain your tub if you use proper care and they use all natural ingredients. You should always thoroughly rinse out your bathtub with warm water after using any bath bombs. Leaving any leftover residue dry (this includes flower petals/herbs, etc.) can make it much harder to clean.

Bath bombs may often leave a faint ring simply due to the oils that are used by companies to bring nourishment to the skin and ease to the mind. You can lessen the chance of having a ring bathing in a freshly clean tub with only bath water. Build-up from soap, hair products, etc can create a barrier on your tub that colorants will cling to. By bathing in a clean tub only, your chances of a ring are a lot less.

If the ring does not simply wash away, it should easily wipe away with a wet cloth or sponge and a cleaner of your choice.

Colorants may stick easier to certain tub materials such as porcelain without a shiny coat or fiberglass without an acrylic coat.

Also, certain ingredients such as natural pigments can be a little tougher to clean as well. You can avoid having to clean the tub immediately after using a bath bomb by choosing bath bombs that are colored with lakes (artificial colorants), that are lightly colored, or are not colored at all. Also, reputable companies will use Polysorbate 80 to help prevent natural colorants (micas, charcoal, clays, etc) from staining or leaving a huge mess.

If residue from a bath bomb is not easily wiping away, don't panic. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubbers are amazing at removing grime from bathtubs. They never fail.

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