15 Essential Oil Combinations for Diffusers

15 Essential Oil Combinations for Diffusers

Essential oils have been used in combination with each other through aromatherapy for centuries. Diffusing essential oils into a room is the perfect way to fill up the air around you with its many benefits. 

From improving mood to helping you sleep, essential oils have many different uses when they are inhaled through diffusing. But how do you know which combinations go together the best? 

And which moods or atmospheres are each of them suited for? Here are 15 essential oil combinations for diffusers—but first, let’s talk about how to use them.

How To Use Essential Oil Combinations in Diffusers

Essential oils are potent due to their level of purity. It is important to remember that less is more when using pure therapeutic grade essential oils, especially in combination with one another. As a general rule, only mix together single ingredient essential oils when creating your own blend. 

There’s no need to mix together pre-made blends with additional essential oil scents—doing so may result in an overwhelming diffusing experience. It’s best to stick to mixing two or three oils or just opting for a pre-made blend. 

When adding oils to your diffuser, a few things factor into how many drops you should add. If your diffuser is between the sizes of 100ml to 300ml, you can add anywhere from three to 10 drops total of essential oils. 

Use fewer drops for smaller rooms or sensitive noses like those of children or pets. Add in more drops if you’re trying to diffuse for a larger space. Diffusers with a higher capacity can hold up to as much as 500ml, in which case 15 or more drops of essential oil may be needed to achieve the desired effect. 

When in doubt, start low and work your way up to obtain the intensity level you want. Since essential oils are potent, you’ll be surprised how far a few drops can go.

Diffuser Combinations To Choose Based on Mood

Many people choose the essential oils they want to diffuse based on the mood they are looking to set. Aromatherapy has the power to affect the area of the brain that controls our emotions. Depending on the essential oils you choose, you can boost your mood, reduce anxiety, soothe a stuffy nose, and even sleep better. Here are some options for combinations to achieve different moods. 

If You Want To Feel Happy

1. Lemon and Spearmint: Multiple studies have shown lemon essential oil’s ability to improve mood. Both lemon and spearmint are known for their ability to wake up the senses and perk up your mood, so together they make an invigorating combination that’s sure to cultivate a happy atmosphere.

2. Lemon and Orange: Orange essential oil has similar mood-boosting properties to lemon. Use both to create a bright and pleasant aroma with your diffuser. Lemon and orange go hand in hand and make for the perfect morning-time diffusing routine to start your day off in a good mood.

3. Bergamot and Lavender: Although lavender is known for being a soothing essential oil that can help you sleep better, studies also suggest that it has overall mood-stabilizing abilities that can help you feel happier. Bergamot essential oil has a citrus aroma that mixes well with lavender and is also said to have positive effects on your mood. Together they make a unique and uplifting combination to try in your diffuser.

4. Orange and Lavender: Orange and lavender mix well together for yet another combination option for creating a happy atmosphere in any room with your diffuser. Think of lavender as a “plays well with others” type of essential oil and alternate its counterpart based on the mood you’d like to create. For happiness, mix lavender with citrus oils. For sleep and relaxation, try using it in combination with a minty or herbal oil. We’ll talk more about the best sleep combinations later on in this article.

5. Bubbly Belle Bliss Blend with Lemon, Orange, Vanilla: Our Bliss blend takes the guesswork out of making your own combination. We chose the bright citrusy scents of lemon and orange and added smooth vanilla for an easy-going blend.

    If You Need an Energy Boost

    6. Lemon and Peppermint: Tart lemon meets invigorating peppermint for the perfect combination to boost your energy with an amazingly pleasant aroma. Mix lemon and peppermint essential oils in your diffuser to instantly fill any room with energizing and uplifting scents.

    7. Rosemary and Peppermint: Herbal rosemary mixes well with its close relative, peppermint, for an energy-boosting dynamic duo. If you’re looking for an energy kick but aren’t wanting a citrus scent, rosemary and peppermint make a great alternative with the same energizing effect.

    8. Bubbly Belle Energizer Blend With Orange and Cinnamon: Our Energizer blend takes the guesswork out of choosing a combination that can help perk you up. The citrus smell of orange, with its mood-boosting benefits, combines well with cinnamon’s spicy and warm aroma. It’s sure to zap you with the energy boost you’re looking for—at any time of day!

    9. Bubbly Belle Motivate Blend With Lavender and Orange: In need of some motivation? Diffuse our Motivate blend when you’re in need of relieving anxiety and taking care of the task at hand. It has lavender to calm your worries and orange to set your mind right. Add a few drops to your diffuser and feel ready to take care of business.

    For Help Falling Asleep

    10. Lavender and Cedarwood: Alone, lavender is known to promote better sleep and relieve anxiety. Use it in combination with cedarwood essential oil for an even more peaceful blend to drift off to sleep with. Cedarwood has a woodsy, earthy aroma and is known for having similar relaxing benefits to lavender.

    11. Bubbly Belle Sleep Blend With Cedarwood, Lavender, and Geranium: Our Sleep blend combines the most soothing essential oils with the best sleep benefits to create the ultimate option for diffusing at bedtime. Geranium is a floral scent that compliments lavender and cedarwood and has sleep-inducing benefits of its own. 


    12. Eucalyptus and Lavender: Combine the anxiety-reducing effects of lavender with the amazing spa-like scent of eucalyptus for the ultimate relaxation combination.

    13. Bubbly Belle Tranquility Blend With Lavandin, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium: A uniquely soothing blend to promote a state of tranquility. Diffuse our Tranquility essential oil blend to create a soothing atmosphere that will help reduce anxiety and stress with lavender, clary sage, ylang-ylang, and geranium. These are all known for helping promote relaxation. 

    For Feeling Better When You’re Sick

    14. Eucalyptus and Peppermint or Our Breathe Easy Blend: Eucalyptus plays well with peppermint for a universally loved scent combination. Find it in our Bubbly Belle Breathe Easy blend and diffuse it when you’re feeling congested or bogged down with allergies.

    15. Spearmint and Wintergreen: Clear up sinuses and invigorate your senses when you’re feeling sick with spearmint and wintergreen together. This minty combination is sure to open up your nasal passage and help you feel better.

    Other Ways To Use Essential Oil Combinations

    Why stop at the diffuser? Here are some more easy ways to get the benefits out of your essential oil combinations.

    In the Bath

    A steaming hot bath can help you diffuse your essential oils in a different way, creating a spa-like experience as your favorite combination saturates your bathroom atmosphere. Plus, you’ll unlock additional benefits of any essential oils you use by adding them to your bath. 

    Drop a few drops into your bath, depending on the size of the tub and aroma strength that’s desired. Or use a bath bomb that’s infused with essential oils for an easy and fun bathing experience.

    With Diffuser Jewelry

    Specially made jewelry from materials like lava rock can absorb and slowly release essential oils all day long. Simply dispense a drop or two onto your diffuser jewelry for aromatherapy that follows you around throughout your day!

    In a Roller

    Grab a pre-made essential oil roller with your favorite combination inside, or easily make your own. Combine a carrier oil with your essential oils of choice and place it into a roller bottle. Apply topically to your wrists, neck, feet, and temples. This is a great option for when you’re on the go.

    As a Massage Oil (With a Carrier Oil)

    Your favorite essential oil combination can be made into a massage oil by combining it with a carrier such as jojoba, olive, or coconut oil. Use relaxing combinations like eucalyptus and lavender to set the right stress-relieving mood. 


    To conclude, there are many options for essential oil combinations to use in your diffuser. Choosing the mood and atmosphere you want to create is a great way to help you pick which combination you’re looking for. It is important to remember that less is more and pure essential oils are potent. 

    If you’re not sure how many drops are the right amount, start with less and work up to more to monitor sensitivity and intensity. Diffusing fills an entire room with the essential oil benefits you need to improve your mood, soothe yourself to sleep, or breathe better when you’re sick. Try creating one of the essential oil combinations above or use a pre-made Bubbly Belle blend to cultivate the atmosphere you want.


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