How To Clean a Diffuser

How To Clean a Diffuser

If you’re a fan of essential oils, then you probably have an oil diffuser, or you’re looking to get one. Oil diffusers are the best way to enjoy your essential oils and get all of their benefits! If you haven’t used an oil diffuser before, we guarantee it will improve your essential oil experience. Diffusers are simple and easy to use, and they are great for people who use essential oils daily for things such as headaches, anxiety, or clearing their sinuses. 

Diffusers work by being plugged into a wall. The electrical current then causes an internal plate or disc to vibrate. This vibration breaks down the essential oil into super tiny particles. These particles are mixed with the water and then are dispersed into the air as a light mist. The result is a refreshing and relaxing experience that also happens to smell amazing. 

When it comes to cleaning your diffuser, it’s an easy process that also happens to be super important. Cleaning helps with the longevity of your device, and it ensures the air you breathe in is also clean. There are four necessary steps you need to follow in order to clean your oil diffuser properly. In total, it should only take you about ten minutes (maybe even less) to clean your device. Let’s take a look at what you need to do! 

Step One

The first step in cleaning your oil diffuser is to read the instructions that came with your specific device because not all diffusers are designed the same way. Even though the draining and cleaning process should generally be the same for all diffusers regardless of brand, you never know if there is something specific you need to do for yours. Some diffusers might have a special drain or plug that needs to be removed or a latch for taking the top part of the diffuser off. 

Either way, it’s a good idea to just read over the instruction manual (at least the first time you clean it) to make sure you are cleaning it properly. Diffusers should last you a long time, so the last thing you want to do is break yours and have to buy a new one!

Most people find that diffusers will last them for years and years, but that won’t happen if you don’t properly take care of it. Just as with anything you own, the better you take care of it, the better it will work.  

Step Two

After you’ve read the instructions and are confident you know the ins and outs of your diffuser, it’s time to get cleaning. You want to begin the cleaning process by removing all of the leftover water and essential oils. Nobody wants to breathe in old water and old oils!

Next, you’ll want to remove the top half of your diffuser and then simply dump out the excess water and essential oil mixture into your sink. Depending on your specific diffuser, it should be a straightforward and easy process. 

After you dump the old water out, you’ll want to give the inside of the device a quick rinse with warm water to wash off any remaining oil or buildup. Even though you are going to actually clean the device in the next step, giving it a preliminary rinse will help make the rest of the cleaning process easier and more effective. Don’t worry if you don’t get everything out; the diffuser will be squeaky clean by the end of this process.   

Step Three

This is arguably the most important step in the diffuser cleaning process. Since you are breathing in the mist that comes out of the diffuser, it’s important that it doesn’t contain anything dangerous. You never know what kind of germs might build up in your diffuser if you don’t keep it clean. You want to make sure that the diffuser is as clean as possible for two main reasons:

  1. To keep the air clean: buildup from old oils and water means the diffuser is putting dirt and grime into the air you’re breathing.
  2. To have the best scent experience possible: if you don’t thoroughly remove all traces of the previous oil you used, it might make the next oil you use smell totally weird.

As you can see, those are both two very good reasons to clean your diffuser well (and regularly). So, how do you achieve the perfect clean? It’s very easy. Add a 1:1 ratio of water and white vinegar to your diffuser. Then, simply re-attach the top half and let it run for two or three minutes. After it runs, just dump out the water and vinegar mixture into your sink. 

Step Four

This is the final step in the diffuser cleaning process. After sanitizing your diffuser with the white vinegar, you want to make sure no bacteria grows. Disassemble your diffuser and lay out a towel. Turn the pieces over (so that the water drips onto the towel) and let the diffuser air dry completely. You don’t want to start using it until it’s thoroughly dried because the moisture could cause bacteria growth. 

If you notice there is still some buildup or grime on the inside of the diffuser, grab a cotton ball and dip it into white vinegar. Then, take the cotton ball and scrub the grime until it’s completely gone. This way, you can make sure your diffuser is fully clean and ready to go for its next use. And, here’s a pro tip for you: if you need to do more of a deep cleaning on the diffuser, simply follow the above steps, but let the water and white vinegar mixture diffuse for ten to 20 minutes instead of two to three. 

Where Can I Buy an Oil Diffuser and Essential Oils?

You came to the right place for both oil diffusers and essential oils! Bubbly Belle offers a variety of diffusers and oils, so you’ll find everything you need. We have three different diffusers that come in three different sizes. We have our wood top diffuser, which holds 300ml of liquid. We also have our bubbly home essential oil diffuser, which holds 400ml of liquid. Lastly, we have our big white diffuser, which holds 500ml of liquid. If you’re looking for an oil diffuser on the go, oil diffusing jewelry might just be the perfect item for you. 

As you can see, we have a great assortment of diffusers that can fit your individual needs. Each of these sizes works great in any size room, and the amount of liquid it holds just means it can run for longer periods of time (the more liquid it has, the longer it can run). If you absolutely love essential oils, you should consider getting one of our multipacks of diffusers, so you can have one in each room of your home. 

After you pick out your diffuser, it’s time to pick out your essential oils. We have 16 different oils for you to choose from. Some of them are single scents, and others are blends of scents. Each one has a specific purpose: helping you relax, get energized, or boost your immune system. They all work perfectly with our oil diffusers, and they will keep your room or home smelling fresh all day long.

Parting Words

By now, you should be an expert on how oil diffusers work and how you clean them properly. As we said, it’s really not hard, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. We get it; sometimes, it’s hard to find a few spare minutes in your day to do something as tedious as cleaning your oil diffuser. And while ideally, you would be doing this cleaning process after each use, don’t beat yourself up if you skip a couple of cleanings. 

The point is, you want to make sure you are cleaning your oil diffuser regularly. If that means once a week for you when you do the rest of your cleaning around the house, then that’s great. You just don’t want grime starting to accumulate in your device because, over time, that can affect your health. Seriously, nobody wants to breathe in dirt and bacteria (ew!). 

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for the best oil diffusers and essential oils, Bubbly Belle is the place to go. We have high-quality diffusers and oils that will definitely enhance your living spaces. Our diffusers are easy to use, and our oils are truly one-of-a-kind. 


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