How To Package and Ship Bath Bombs

How To Package and Ship Bath Bombs

Beauty products such as scented candles and bath bombs make the perfect gifts during the holidays or birthdays or any other special occasion where gifts are handed out. Some companies may order a large amount to gift to their employees and others may just order it for themselves. When you receive your order, it comes all wrapped and in good shape. Have you ever wondered how they came to you in once piece and what technique they use to keep them from moving around a lot?

Many small or big businesses are super busy during holidays. So try and remember that your customer base is not limited to your neighbors or just people who live in your town. With so many resources out there you can sell them online and offer discounts for large orders to gain a higher ROI after purchasing or making your own bath bombs. Shipping bath bombs can be somewhat nerve-wracking as you have to research different shipping companies to get the best price, order the propers boxes and packing material and make sure your customers mailing information is spot on. You have to ensure that the items arrive at the customer's door in great shape and on time.

Coming from the side of the business, this will be somewhat stressful without the proper research and influence. You should have a strategy for how you will precisely pack the bath bombs. Typically bath bombs are wrapped using shrink wrap to help keep them fresh and from cracking or breaking during shipping. After being encased in shrink wrap, you will need to choose the many different bath bomb packaging ideas. This all depends on weight, size and cost, while also taking into consideration having packaging that is appealing to your customers.

Packaging Comes in Many Different Forms

  • Customized bath bomb gift packaging. These are meant to come in a box with decorative ribbon and various colors of paper.
  • Modern design bath bomb packaging. This is a lid with a base box. 
  • Cello bag bath bomb packaging has also become very popular.
  • Cost effective customized cardboard bath bomb packaging is great as a cheaper option. 
  • High-quality fancy cardboard bath bomb packaging is considered the preferred form for most businesses. 
  • Book shaped boxes for bath bomb packaging have become very popular.

Doesn't matter what packaging you choose because the most important thing to consider is whether it does the job you are expecting of it.

How to Send Them to the Customer in Bulk

When it comes to shipping in bulk, you are going to want to choose durable boxes. When shipping your bath bombs using padding materials for protection and keeping the items from moving inside the box is HUGE. Remember to pack the bath bombs inside the box in such a way that you have space for padding materials in between each. The best padding to use is bubble wrap and packaging peanuts in between the gaps.

Using envelopes is another option perfect for shipping your wholesale bath bombs. Typically envelopes are used for smaller shipments. Choose envelopes with bubble wrap inside. Extra padding provides protection for your bath bombs. This method is typically used for bath bombs which are not circle shape. Some include star-shaped bath bombs, heart shaped bath bomb, and flower shaped bath bomb.

During the warmer seasons you must take more precautionary measures to ensure that your customers will receive the items in perfect condition and not melted. Shipping during the colder seasons is less stressful because of this reason.

Choose the best shipping service based on your needs and costs. Your shipping service must have good track record and fair prices. It is important to provide the consumer with their package promptly and a tracking number to guide them. Don’t forget to send an email or inform the customer to expect delivery on said date once the item has been shipped.

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