How to Use a Bath Bomb: Unlock the Full Potential of a Calming Soak

How to Use a Bath Bomb: Unlock the Full Potential of a Calming Soak

Are you ready to take your bathing experience to a whole new level? Think rainbows, sparkles, nourishment, and more. Get ready to unlock the full potential of a calming soak!

Life can get busy, and we know just how long some days can feel. “Relaxing” can sometimes feel like a luxury that comes only on rare occasions. If you haven’t already heard it enough from magazines and on social media, we’ll remind you one more time: self-care is important. 

Self. Care. Is. Important. 

No matter how hectic life gets, you need to be taking time for yourself to unwind, relax, and recharge. 

There’s something about running a hot bath and catching up on your favorite tabloids that just feels oh so inviting— especially on these cold, fall days. A hot bath greets you like a warm hug and relaxes the entire body almost instantly. 

Have you ever felt “uptight” or sat with perfect posture while in the tub? Of course not. Baths are exactly the place to be your most loosey-goosey self. What could be better than lounging in the tub, catching up on the latest gossip, and with some snacks by your side?

Glad you asked. A Bath Bomb. A Bath Bomb will bring this already heavenly scenario from a 10/10 to a 20/10. We’re telling you— once you go Bath Bomb, there’s no going back. 

What’s a Bath Bomb?

Bath Bombs are the most Insta-friendly self-and-skin-care-in-one product out there

In all seriousness, Bath Bombs are hard-packed, ball-shaped combinations of dry ingredients that effervesce when immersed in water. “Effervesce?” Translation: fizz, sparkle, bubble, foam, and froth. In other words, an explosion of fun. 

Bath Bombs were created in 1978 and truly took baths to a whole other universe. And this universe is colorful, sparkly, nourishing, and exactly where you want to be. They’re made with just about every color under the rainbow, all the scents you could desire, and are infused with nourishing essential oils too

What Do Bath Bombs Do?

First of all, they take your bath from being a strictly functional cleaning regime and turn it into a luxurious, deeply nourishing, and all-around experience. They make unwinding after a long day 10x easier, and here are three reasons why. 

They’re Deeply Nourishing.

Bath bombs aren't only all fun and games— they’re jam-packed with cleansing, nourishing, and hydrating ingredients that leave you feeling silky smooth all over. Bath Bombs turn an otherwise simple cleaning into a pampering and soothing experience for your skin. 

No matter what combination of skin you have, there’s a bath bomb out there that is suitable to serve you in all the ways you need it to. We make our bath bombs with exclusively natural ingredients like essential oils, Epsom salts, and baking soda (but we’ll get more into that later). 

They Have Aromatherapy Properties.

The healing properties of bath bombs come from the infusion of essential oils that they’re created with. Bath Bombs provide aromatherapy, which is the use of essential oils to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. 

Essential oils provide an array of different benefits. Here are just a few!

The list goes on and on for the benefits that are to be had from soaking in an essential oil-infused bath. Throw in a bath bomb the next time you’re hopping into the tub to transform a basic bathing experience into a healing one. 

They Create an Atmosphere.

Hello, ambiance. How to unlock the full potential of a calming soak? You need to set the mood, duh. 

Whether your ideal atmosphere for relaxation involves rainbow swirls, calm and cool blues, or an explosion of sparkles, it’s really up to you. Create your own heaven and turn your tub into the spa-experience of your choice. With bath bombs, you choose the mood, and the possibilities are endless. 

Find a Bath Bomb that speaks to you (and there will be way more than just one, trust us) and as soon as it hits the water, watch it explode into its aesthetically pleasing swirls as it releases its delightful aromas. 

You’ll probably want to snap a quick picture for the ‘gram before hopping in. Now that’s a mood. 

How Do I Use a Bath Bomb?

Using a Bath Bomb is easy. It may even be too easy, actually. Fair warning: you’ll probably become hooked. But hey, there are worse things to be hooked on. 

Step 1: Set the Scene.

Remember that the whole point of a bath is to relax, unwind, and feel refreshed. Declutter your bathroom to help create a truly pure and fresh environment. Get your robe and comfy slippers out and ready for afterward. Grab your favorite magazines (let’s be real— they’re on your phone or tablet these days), your beverage of choice, and play some of your favorite tunes. It’s all about you; go ahead and pamper yourself. You deserve it. 

Step 2: Warm Water all the Way.

It’s time to run the water, and we suggest the warmer, the better. Hotter water increases the body's temperature, which can stimulate blood flow and circulation. A higher temperature also increases the buoyancy of water, which will help further relieve any stress or tension on joints and muscles. It’s all about relaxation, and warmer water will help make your bath the most relaxing. Oh, and warmer water will also do a better job at dissolving all the good stuff that’s packed inside your bath bomb. 

Step 3: Pop it In!

Throw that whole Bath Bomb in there and watch it work its wonders. As soon as your Bath Bomb hits the water, it will start to dissolve and release all of its fizzy goodness. It isn’t necessary, but swirling it around with your hand can speed up the process. Honestly, playing with it is also just pretty darn satisfying and a lot of fun. This is also the time to snap your Instagram shot (or video), by the way. 

Step 4: Hop Right In.

Get in there and start enjoying all the joys and benefits from your new and improved bathing experience. Kick back, relax, and let the Bath Bomb work its wonders to soak all your cares and worries away.

That’s it. It’s that easy!

What Ingredients Are in Bath Bombs?

We can’t speak on behalf of all the Bath Bombs in the world, but we can tell you what goes into ours. It’s a pretty short list, but minimalism is in these days, right? Less is more and long ingredient lists aren’t usually a good sign anyway. 

Essential oils are infused into all of our Bath Bombs to bring the deeply soothing and healing benefits of aromatherapy right into the bath with you. 

Epsom salts are added in to soothe skin, reduce irritation, ease pain and soreness, and help clean your body. 

Baking soda has an alkalizing effect, which reduces the acidity in our bodies and can help bring our skin back to a balanced pH level. Baking soda can also provide relief for irritated skin!

Citric acid coming only from natural sources like fruits and vegetables will give your bath its fizzy quality. 

Corn starch can help soothe dry and itchy skin that is all too common during the cold fall and winter months. 

Last but certainly not least, every Bath Bomb is infused with wonderful fragrances that will put you in just the right mood and help you feel all the right ways. Embrace the fall season and try a seasonally scented Bath Bomb like pumpkin spice, apple, or honey

Not All Bath Bombs Are Created Equal

Not all Bath Bombs are sugar and spice and everything nice. Some Bath Bombs are created with parabens, which have been shown to disrupt our bodies’ hormone function because they artificially mimic estrogen. This can cause an increased risk of breast cancer— there’s nothing cool or calming about that. 

Read labels carefully to ensure your Bath Bomb is made with only natural and healthy ingredients. 

Especially if you have any allergies or your skin is particularly sensitive, you’ll want to be paying extra attention to that ingredient list, just in case. 

Long baths? Good. Long ingredient lists? Bad. 

Unlock the Full Potential of a Calming Soak by Throwing in a Bath Bomb

Bath Bombs are more than just pretty colors and our favorite scents. They’re nourishing, fun, and the easiest way to pamper yourself. Life is hectic, and Bath Bombs can help you relax, slow down, and enjoy the moment. 

We know with busy schedules, it isn’t always easy to get that many moments to yourself - embrace the time you do have and take your baths to the next level. Bath Bombs will help you reconnect with yourself and bring more calm into your world, and that’s what baths are all about!

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