Seven Different Ways You Can Use Bath Bombs

Seven Different Ways You Can Use Bath Bombs

If you are reading this then I think that you’ll agree with me when I say that I absolutely love bath bombs. In fact, I obsess over them so much that I am trying to find different ways that I can use them around the house instead of just the bath tub. I want to use them everywhere and anywhere that I can, so I thought of some fantastic alternative uses for bath bombs so that I can enjoy them even when I’m not in bath and now you can to. 

Here is several different ways that you can use Bath Bombs:

1. Car air freshener
This is such a great use of a bath bomb that will keep your car smelling fresh and clean. Simply place some bath bombs underneath your seat and get ready for your car to smell fresh all the time.

2. Freshen up your clothes
One of the most useful uses for a bath bomb. Simply put a few bath bombs in your closet, sock drawer, and underwear drawer for fresh smelling clothing. Not only will this keep your clothes fresh but it will save your clothes and water bill from all the laundry.

3. Instant aromatherapy for your house
This one requires a little more creativity and time, but in the end it will be well worth it. Take a bath bomb and place it in a pot of water and allow it to simmer on the stove until it begins to steam out. The steam will fill the air in your entire house with pleasant aromas that will soothe and relax you.

4. Foot bath
Now this is one of the more relaxing ways to use one. Take a bath bomb or half of a bath bomb and place it into a foot soak or bucket, and allow the oils to gently moisturize and nourish your feet.

5. Shoe deodorizer
Simply take a bath bomb and place it inside each shoe that has a horrible odor and kiss those funky-smelling shoes goodbye. Or you could keep them in there after every wear so that your shoes stay fresh at all times.

6. Air and fabric freshener
Grab a bath bomb and place it into a small cup of water and allow the bath bomb to dissolve. Take the water a pour it into a spritzer bottle, and voila!  You got yourself some home made Fabreeze.

7. Silver cleaner
Due to the baking soda that is in bath bombs, they make a great cleaning tool when it comes to removing tarnish from your silverware or silver jewelry. Take the bath bomb and allow it to dissolve in water and then place the silverware or jewelry in to soak in it for a while, then scrub away and watch then become clean and shiny.

Now that you have learned the many ways to use bath bombs other then in the bath, you can now begin to implement them in your home and share with your friends and family. 

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