The Ancient Egyptians And Their Influential Beauty Secrets

The Ancient Egyptians And Their Influential Beauty Secrets

The usage of natural ingredients in health and beauty products can be traced back thousands of years. Some of the earliest evidence of people using natural ingredients for health and beauty applications comes from artifacts that were recovered from Ancient Egyptian burial chambers. Drawings depict heavily made-up faces, the eyes lined with thick black kohl to create the iconic almond-shape that is still popular today. Decorative makeup was perceived as a way to form a spiritual connection with the gods and pigments were created with raw materials such as with green malachite crystals, gold leaf and powdered scarab beetles. Shampoos, lotions, bathing essentials were all made with the natural ingredients found around them.

Ancient Egyptians took care of their bodies inside and out. They worried about weight gain, getting wrinkles and losing their hair just as our society does now. They used olive oil, sesame oil, bitter almonds and cardamom to moisturize their skin and castor oil as a balm to keep their hair shiny, while using henna was to dye their hair, skin and fingernails. It is said that Queen Cleopatra, the notorious beauty and last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, is said to have bathed in milk and honey to keep her skin soft and youthful.

Throughout history and what we have learned from it, we too know the value of using natural ingredients in health and beauty products. For example, Bubbly Belle's bath bombs are made with all natural ingredients that will leave your mind and body feeling relaxed and nourished. From the popular Destress and Sleep bath bombs that will put you at ease to their Massage and Rejuvenate bath bomb that will relax your body.

Many of their bath bomb recipes follow the blueprint of the Ancient traditions and practices of the Egyptians. The Aphrodisiac bath bomb is made up of all natural ingredients based on an ancient formula for herbs and flower pedals in bathing water which was invented by a Roman herbalist. His formula is highly regarded to this day and was followed by the elite and wealthy for years.

Taking care of one’s inner and outside appearance surpassed economic status in Ancient Egypt and was a part of everyday life for all walks of life. Both men and women placed great value on personal appearance and hygiene that they bathed a number of times a day in water mixed with different herbs and natural ingredients, which is apart of the creation process with Bubbly Belle's bath bombs. They are made with baking soda and citric acid which cause the fizzing effect, combined with wonderful essential oils, natural oils, flower petals, and vibrant colors.

We all still take care of our bodies using all natural ingredients because we know how good for us they are as they are full of the vitamins, nutrients and minerals that will nourish our skin and hair. Egyptians founded the use of natural ingredients for healthy and beauty benefit, and it’s those discoveries that still have an influence in our daily lives throughout the world.

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