The Best Bath Bomb Molds of 2018

The Best Bath Bomb Molds of 2018

Chances are you have already heard of the bath bomb and its sudden explosion into the scene with hundreds to thousands of memes circulating the internet. If you haven’t heard of these unique toiletries then let me give you the low down. Basically, these are scented and colored balls made to turn your ordinary bath water into a psychedelic mish-mash of colors.

While you can buy these at your local market and specialty store you can also choose to make one yourself with the fragrance and coloring of your choosing. Of course, you need to have a bath bomb mold to do so. Good thing there are dozens of bath bomb molds available in the market today, right? But how do you know which are the best bath bomb molds?

Let me guide you into the colorful trippy world of bath bombs and assist you in picking the best bath bomb molds in the market today to help you make your bath sessions into an explosion of color and fragrance.

How to Choose the Best Bath Bomb Molds

Material and Type of Molds

The most common bath bomb molds you will find in your initial search would be the ball-shaped ones. You will find variations of this mold which is the plastic and metal made molds. The metal molds are more expensive due to their durability.

Metal bath bomb molds are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel. It is comprised of two pieces (the top half and the bottom half). Using it is extremely simple, you simply pack both ends with the ingredients and press them together for a couple of minutes fusing the ingredients together into one complete ball.

The metal bath bomb molds are extremely durable and are almost guaranteed to never break. On the other side of the spectrum is the plastic made bath bomb molds. Plastic molds are less durable but are significantly less expensive than their metallic counterpart. If you are on a budget, a plastic bath bomb mold might be the best option. However, if you plan on making bath bombs for a long period of time I suggest you invest in a high-quality metal mold set.

  • Molder Sizes

Molds also come in a range of different sizes. You can choose to make bath bombs as small as golf balls or to ones as big as baseballs. Be aware that the larger the bath bomb, the harder it is for the materials to stay together.

Those are the golden rules when picking a bath bomb mold. There is also a device called a bath bomb press but that’s a subject for another time and are designed for those looking to get into the bath bomb making business.

Basically, if you plan on doing just a couple of bath bombs to try it out you can use the plastic made ones to save cash. If you plan on making personal bath bombs for a long time then I suggest you get the metallic ones for their longevity.

Now that we have the basics of choosing the best bath bomb molds out of the way let’s further shorten your list with the best bath bomb molds in the market today. This list is based on budget, overall quality, and customer feedback. This should help you narrow down your options for bath bomb molds.

Overall Pick: Kyerivs Metal Bath Bomb Mold Set

If you are serious about making the most out of your purchase when it comes to bath bomb molds then I suggest you get the Kyerivs Metal Bath Bomb Mold Set. It is reasonably priced and comes with several molds of different shapes and sizes from the standard ball shape mold (6) to starfish (2), shell (2), scallop (2), and heart (2). 6 sets of 14 pieces.

The set also comes with 100 shrinks wrap plastic bags (6 x 6 inches) to store unused mixtures. A mini heat sealer is also included with this set which should help properly sealing your plastic bags for storage. The molds are made of a tough aluminum material to ensure durability and longevity. It also guarantees that these molds are completely free of chemicals found in plastic molds.

The molds can also be used for baking or for making ice cubes so it is a great choice for those who desire practically with their purchases. The set can also be a great gift for friends, loved ones, and family members.


  • A selection of different molds allows for greater variety, aesthetically, in making bath bombs.
  • Comes with a mini heat sealer for properly storing extra mixtures for future use.
  • Aluminum molds means more durability and longevity.
  • Also great for making other stuff like cupcakes and candies.


  • The mini heat sealer quality is a little dodgy based on several customer feedbacks.
  • Molds are somewhat larger than what you expect for making a bath bomb.

High End Pick: DecorRom Bath Bomb Mold Set with Soap Dye

This set comes with your standard ball shaped molds but also includes 12 soap dyes that you can mix and match to create your own rainbow-colored bath bomb. The set includes 8 pieces of molds of 3 different sizes. Dye packs are .35 ounces each and is enough for making a handful of bath bombs.

You will also get 100 pieces of shrink wraps (5.1 x 4.3 inches) for storing bath bombs and excess unused ingredients for future use.

I also found the instruction manual and bath bomb recipe a great addition for beginners looking to make their very own colorful bath bombs. The bath bomb molds use food grade aluminum ally that meets the ASTM standard for safety. The dyes are water based and chemical free which are safe for skin use. Also, all the shrink plastic bags are FDA approved.


  • Durable aluminum alloy molds that are food grade material.
  • Comes with twelve .35-ounce packs of soap dye.
  • Based on the items included in this set, it can still be considered an affordable product.
  • Comes with an instruction and recipe manual for beginners.


  • The dyes are rather pale.

Budget Pick: Caydo 30 Pieces DIY Metal Bath Bomb Mold Set

The Caydo DIY Metal Bath Bomb Mold Set comes with 15 sets of molds coming in 3 sizes for a total of 30 pieces. The 3 sizes are 10 pieces of large (2.37 inches in diameter), 10 pieces of medium (1.94 inches in diameter), and 10 pieces of small (1.56 inches).

Material used in the manufacturing of this mold is food grade aluminum and is as durable as you would expect. The mold is extremely easy to use and easy to clean as well. This is a great affordable crafting gift for friends and family who enjoy creating unique items such as bath bombs.


  • Perfect mold size for creating bath bombs. Bath bombs that are too large will make it collapse easily.
  • The medium and small molds in this set results in a well made and compact bath bomb.
  • Affordable but comes with 30 pieces of high-quality, food grade aluminum molds.


  • The bath bombs tend to stick to the mold. You might need to tap the sides lightly to remove the bath bombs.

Final Thoughts

Bath bombs are fun additions in your bathroom. Making them are quite easy with the help of the best bath bomb molds in the market today. As mentioned, simple plastic molds are an option if you are just doing a quick project but in the long run, better quality metal molds will hold up better and last longer.

You may want to start with basic ball shapes but as you can see here, having a few different shapes, like heart shaped molds can add a lot of creativity to your projects which is why our overall pick included a variety of mold shapes.

Hopefully, this article helped you find the best molds based on your needs and budget. Now go and make your own bath bombs and turn your baths into a colorful swirl of colors perfume.

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