The Most Beneficial Ways To Use Bath Bombs

The Most Beneficial Ways To Use Bath Bombs

When it comes to people’s health, most tend to follow the latest trend or celebrity diet or the most expensive brand instead of utilizing what God put for us on this earth: nature.

In 2017 we spent over $3.3 trillion dollars in healthcare, which is up close to 7% from the previous year. That is higher than the Gross Domestic Product for 87% of the countries around the world. But for some reason we are still ranked 17th in the world when it comes to quality of health.

You may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with bath bombs? I bring these staggering numbers up because there is a solution to this madness and I think you know what it is. We need to start utilizing our natural resources in ways that benefit both the earth and the people occupying it.  

Did You Know?

A relaxing and soothing bath is the best way to unwind after a long and strenuous day. But what makes it even better is intensifying the experience with bath bombs that are infused with essential oils hand picked for your mood and need. While soaking in a bath infused with natural essential oils, the skin becomes another channel to absorb their natural goodness, making them even more effective.

Our bodies can take in most natural resources just by soaking into the skin, which then relaxes the mind and body. If you have sore muscles, dry skin, or just need to sit back and relax, think about adding some bath bombs that are infused with natural oils.

The essential oils found in bath bombs are from concentrated plant essences that have the power to influence our body and mind. They are a complex mix of highly potent evaporative substances, some acting as muscle relaxants or pain relievers while others may be stimulants or mood enhancers. You will find every single bath bomb having numerous effects and others having similar properties. Simply because each of them has some active ingredients that are unique to Bubbly Belle.

After all, the most beneficial forms of healing are going to be right here on this blue planet we call home. Nature knows what is truly good for the human race and those healthy benefits can be found in every corner, nook and cranny of the world.

There is all these chemical based products out there that say they can heal this or protect against this while also costing you an arm and a leg But why buy something that was made in a lab with ingredients you can't even read or understand when you can utilize a product made from nature and for half the cost and with ingredients that are familiar to you?

Certain companies would rather create a product in a lab that they say is "natural" but barely contains any properties from nature in it then utilize nature’s gifts because they know they can’t make money off true, natural processes.

The essential oils inside Bubbly Belle's bath bombs come from nature and remedy the physical and mental pain one feels on a normal basis and have been doing so for thousands of years. (the oils not the bath bombs) It can be traced back as far as the Bible and even during the time of the ancient Egyptians who often referred to the oils as the nectar of the gods. This goes to show you that essential oils have been admired by man for centuries and held in such high regard.

You may be sitting there thinking to yourself, "how can essential oils have so many remedies and not be trending with everyone around the world?" The answer is simply because there is too many articles out there saying this works and that works and it is being endorsed by a major celebrity, but never really showing the ingredients or natural benefits one can gain from using said product.  

The purpose of this article is to educate you with accurate information on how essential oils really work and how you can tell the difference from actual natural oils to the fake ones made in a lab by big companies. This will help you start on your journey to begin using them to better your health and well being.

There is also a link at the bottom of this page that will let you pick your first Bubbly Belle bath bomb for just $1. Once you pick your very first bath bomb, it allows you to add any additional bath bombs you want and if you order three or more you qualify for free shipping. The team over at Bubbly Belle are so confident that you will fall in love with your bath bombs so much that you will keep on coming back over and over again.

What are Bath Bombs?

Bath Bombs are a hard-packed mixture of dry ingredients which begin to fizz when wet. They also contain essential oils, an array of scents, fizz and color to bathwater. They can be molded into a spherical design, which is the most common, or pretty much any design that has a mold for it. But what many don’t realize is that bath bombs have natural remedies that cure mental and physical ailments.  

When the bath bomb is released into the water it begins to fizz and release the oils that disperse throughout the water and quickly penetrate the cell walls of your skin to deliver natural nutrition and remove waste while also bringing a therapeutic calm to one’s mind. While this process is occurring, they help to clean the receptor sites of your cells, which are usually obstructed by heavy metals and chemicals found in plastic. This process cleanses your body and mind, which helps bring balance to your body and makes you feel rejuvenated.

How Do You Make Bath Bomb?

Check out this recipe and follow it step by step to get started on your first batch of bath bombs:

What You Will Need:

- 8 oz baking soda

- 4 oz of epsom salt

- 4 oz of corn starch

- 4 oz of citric acid

- Large mixing bowl

- Whisk

- 2 tbsps of coconut oil (or any other veggie oil you prefer)

- 1 tbsp of water

- 2 tsps of essential oil (scent of choice)

- 4-6 drops of coloring agent (food coloring, mica powder, FDA approved lakes etc.)

- Bath Bomb Mold (silicone, metal, plastic)

Step-By-Step Process:

Step 1 -

The first thing you want to do is mix all the dry ingredients together, Take the baking soda, epsom salt, corn starch, and citric acid and whisk them up until there are no clumps to be seen or felt. The combination of baking and citric acid is what causes the fizz or bubbling of the bath bomb when it touches the water.

Step 2 -

Now it is time to mix the wet ingredients of coconut oil (or other veggie oil), essential oil and food colorant, mica powder or FDA approved lakes together. This is the part of the process where you truly customize you bath bomb to your liking. Add your favorite scent and color or create a holiday bath bomb to go with the season.

Step 3 -

This is the part where slow is smooth and smooth is fast comes into play. Slowly add the mixed liquid to the dry mixture and whisk as you are doing this. Your mixture should begin to turn to the color you chose and smell of your selected scent. You want it to almost feel like damp sand.  

Step 4 -

Grab the damp mixture and stuff that into your molds as soon as possible as you do not want the mixture to dry out. Make sure all sides of the mold are pressed down firmly and wait for them to dry. You want to give them about 24 hours of good dry time.

Step 5 -

Pop the bath bomb out of the mold and marvel at the stunning bath bomb you created. Now reward yourself with a relaxing bath and throw your newly made bath bomb in with you. ENJOY!!


A Ring Inside The Bath Bomb?

Where the ring comes into play is during the part of the process when the bath bomb mixture is being stuffed into the mold, the ring, which is inside a small, round plastic container, is placed on one side of the mold and then topped off with the other half of the mold.

The bath bomb is now ready to be thrown in the bath to relax and once it is all fizzed away, the beautiful ring is ready to be popped open and worn.

Nature’s Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs

After years of research of trying to find a relaxant that would not only put my body at ease but my mind, I finally found what I was looking for.

The company is called Bubbly Belle and the bath bombs they make are not only for relaxing pleasure, but also have natural holistic benefits. The essential oils found in Bubbly Belle bath bombs are the natural life line of a plant. They circulate throughout all the plant tissue and carry nutrition into the cells and then carry the waste products out. They also are a natural remedy in helping to fight against the cold and flu symptoms, relax your body and mind, soothe sore muscles, heal skin conditions, alleviate pain, and bring balance by soaking into your skin. They bring all these amazing health benefits while also providing your home with a tantalizing aroma and adding vibrant colors to your bath.

What separates Bubbly Belle from the rest is that they label all the ingredients that are used in making their products so that you can ensure you are getting 100% natural bath bomb. You can ensure that it is because Bubbly Belle has a Vendor Qualification Program which guarantees the quality and natural purity of the source. Each source must provide documentation defining labeling standards, product specifications, and be container compliant. They do all this while protecting the natural ecosystems of where these resources come from. Making sure to leave a better carbon footprint for generations to come.

What also separates Bubbly Belle from the rest is that all of our bath bombs and other products are handmade right here in the United States in sunny Sarasota, Florida.

Become Apart of The Family

Now that you know about Bubbly Belle and that the ingredients in the bath bombs are straight from nature, you can try them for yourself today.

Bubbly Belle’s bath bombs have brought my body and mind a natural healing that I knew I had to share with the world as I couldn’t just keep it to myself.

Right now, Bubbly Belle has an introductory offer where you can get any of their all natural bath bombs for just $1. You also have the opportunity to add on free shipping if you purchase three or more which is the best deal you can get.

Also, each bath bomb comes with a ring inside it that can have a value of up to $100, but you also have the chance to win another ring that is valued much higher, between $1,000 and $10,000. Every time you purchase with us you enter in to win BIG!!

And in the several months that Bubbly Belle has been around, we have had a good amount of our customers win BIG!!! Whether it be from winning one of our highly valued rings, getting great gifts or discounts from our scratch offs or having the opportunity to win each month when becoming a Bubbly Belle Member. So it is safe to say the odds of winning with Bubbly Belle are much higher than playing the lotto, scratch offs or gambling in Vegas.

So the more Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs you purchase the more chances you have at winning our priceless rings that are valued between $1,000 and $10,000! So go ahead and join the list of Bubbly Belle customers that have won BIG!!!!

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