Unwind With Luxurious Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs With Rings

Unwind With Luxurious Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs With Rings

Check out this incredible piece about our bath bombs written by Mom Does Reviews:

It seems that the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter lately. With two toddlers running around, working a few jobs, and trying to keep up with my mommy/wife duties, I am just plain exhausted most days. After getting the kids to bed, I normally fire up my computer to get some work done, that is If i’m not at my other  job. Sometimes I need to force myself to just take a little time for myself. It’s so important to do this every now and then, not only for my sanity but because I deserve it!

One of my favorite escapes is drawing up a nice bath, lighting a few candles and sometimes reading a book. To make my bath extra luxurious, I use Bubble Belle Bath Bombs. I feel like i’m slipping into pure silk when using these bath bombs. The scents are so amazing and set me right into relax mode. Each one is made with top grade essential oils, so I get the most out of my me-time. But that’s not all! Each bath bomb comes with a surprise ring inside! It’s such a special treat while taking a bath to see what beautiful ring I will get!

About Bubble Belle Bath Bombs
All natural bath bombs (with a surprise) made right here in the USA. Our ring designers work full time to deliver you gorgeous rings that you’ll love to wear and show off! Each ring that comes with your order is:

Custom designed just for Bubbly Belle customers
Valued at least $15
Passes multiple quality assurance tests including fluorescence and allergy tests before leaving our factory
Special Bonus
Every one of Bubbly Belle’s Bath Bombs comes with a beautiful bonus ring and a golden ticket with a code that gives everyone who purchases a chance to win a unique ring that is valued between $100 and $10,000!!

My Thoughts:
Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs have been my new treat to myself! After having a long stressful day, I look forward to the calming effects from the bath bomb. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and the aroma really sets me into relax mode and calms me down for bed. When the bath bomb is done fizzing in the bath, getting that surprise ring is so exciting! They are all so beautiful thus far, and I can’t wait to see what others I get in the future!

Bubbly Belle bath bombs would be an excellent gift for friends or family, no matter what the occasion! Everybody loves a good bath, and one with a surprise ring is even better! It’s a bath bomb like no other and does not disappoint! So take back your me-time and slip into a relaxing bath with a Bubbly Belle bath bomb!

Head over to Bubbly Belle to order some of our one-of-a-kind bath bombs.)

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