What Are Bath Bombs With Rings Inside

What Are Bath Bombs With Rings Inside

Before we get into explaining what a bath bomb and a ring have to do with one another, we want to explain to you what a bath bomb is and what purposes it serves.

Bath bombs are made up of both dry and wet ingredients that mix together to create any shape or size of mold you use. A bath bomb is made up of baking soda, epsom salt, corn starch, citric acid, coconut oil (or any other veggie oil), essential oil, water and FDA approved Lakes. 

But what many don’t realize is that bath bombs have natural remedies that cure mental and physical ailments. The essential oils found in bath bombs are concentrated plant essences that have the power to influence our body and mind. You will find every single bath bomb having numerous effects and others having similar properties.

Where the ring comes into play is during the part of the process when the bath bomb mixture is being stuffed into the mold, the ring, which is inside a small, round plastic container, is placed on one side of the mold and then topped off with the other half of the mold.

The bath bomb is now ready to be thrown in the bath to relax and once it is all fizzed away, the beautiful ring is ready to be popped open and worn.

So now that you know a little bit more about what bath bombs and rings have to do with one another, we can now get a little more into the beautiful rings that come inside them.

You can put rings of any design and color inside a bath bomb, but you should always make sure that the ring you choose can fit inside the small protective container you place inside it. You also need to make sure that when you place the ring inside the mold, that the size and shape of the container doesn't cause the bath bomb to crack or break.

Once you confirm the size of your ring and container fit with mold without causing cracking or breaking, you can start to choose your ring designs and colors. There various designs, metals and colors you can choose from all vary on cost, quality and stone type. Either way it is sure to be a great surprise for whomever you are giving the bath bomb to. Especially if you keep it a surprise and wait until they find it so you can see how genuinely happy and surprised they were.

So who knew that you could put a beautiful ring of any design and color inside a bath bomb? Well now that you know, you can see if you are adventurous enough to make some bath bombs with rings inside them of your very own or go visit our website at www.bubblybelle.com and see the unique bath bombs we have and be surprised by the one-of-a-kind ring that is inside.

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