What’s The Point of Bath Bombs?

What’s The Point of Bath Bombs?

A large number of people these days take showers within this current, fast paced culture. If you are someone like this then perhaps you may not realize the actual purpose of bath bombs.

Bath bombs are balls of baking soda, Epsom salts, aromatherapy oils, citric acid, food colorant or mica powder and corn starch. When put into water, the bath bombs begin to dissolve, they fizz which is where the name of ‘bath bomb’ came from. Their main purpose is always to help one relax and unwind.

Some people often get a bath set offered as a gift that is full of lotions, beads, candles and bath gels along with sets of various bath bombs. Men and women use them to make their bath time a little bit better while also being able to enhance one's relaxation. Most essential oils that are inside the bath bombs have holistic benefits to them and can aid in certain ailments. 

Most of us want to feel fresh and ready to go on Monday morning. Having a soothing bath with the use of essential oils on a Sunday night is just one thing we are able to do to prepare ourselves for the week ahead. 

Bath bombs aren’t just for entertainment, but also for their key holistic benefits..

It aids in releasing toxins from your body and this is due to the combination and mixture of epsom salts and baking powder. As soon as this takes place the muscles slowly and gradually relax and stress, anxiety are all eased away. It is the combination of essential oils that cause the actual results. You may be revitalized with eucalyptus or relaxed using a blend of chamomile and lavender.

Should you have the desire, it is possible to have make your very own bath bombs. They are simple and enjoyable to make and you will probably most likely have everything you will need right in your cupboards at home.

You can get very creative and decide to add sparkles or flower petals. Colors might be added but certain artificial dyes can harm your skin or even dye your bathtub, so test them out and do your research before you use them. Here is a basic recipe for making your own bath bomb:

Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, essential oils, coconut oil and certain colorants. Blend all of these ingredients together using a spray of water in order to bind. By using a spray bottle the water is sprayed out more evenly to  ensure you don’t add too much at a time. Too much water at one time can cause the ingredients to react before you want them to. 

For those of you who want to experiment with your bath bombs you can include a little vitamin E as well or use rose water. This may not just smell good but adds  additional moisturizers to your bath bomb. Get your mold and fill it up with your mix, pressing it in tightly together. Leave it to set for a few hours before taking it out.

If before this you thought that bath bombs were a waste of time and effort then think again. Water does wonders for the skin alone so think about what it can do with the added benefits of using these ingredients.

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