Who Was The First To Create Bath Bombs?

Who Was The First To Create Bath Bombs?

Well before the very first bath bombs was created, a French chemist by the name of René-Maurice Gattefoss invented aromatherapy by accident in the year 1937. It was during this time that he discovered the holistic benefits that essential oils have on our skin. This was also around the same period of time in which others realized just how soothing and relaxing certain scents are to one's mind, body and soul. So if it was not for the discovery of aromatherapy, we may not have bath bombs. Even with all this, we still truly do not know who created bath bombs.

The question we need to ask ourselves is who created the very first bath bomb?

Who Was The Original Creator of The Bath Bomb
Let's first discuss what therapeutic aromas are. Webster's dictionary defines Aromatherapy as the inhalation or bodily application (as by massage) of fragrant essential oils (as from flowers and fruits) for therapeutic purposes; broadly : the use of aroma to enhance a feeling of well-being. Since the earliest inhabitants of this earth it has been a form of alternative medicine. It has been and is still used today to strengthen the holistic aspect of our health. 

Utilizing the idea of aromatherapy, bath bombs were invented twenty years ago by Mo Constantine who is the cofounder of Lush. Bath bombs are pretty simple to make and that is why you can find a lot of do it yourself videos on making bath bombs. The reason they are considered so easy to make is because the materials or ingredients used in making bath bombs are very common and can be found at almost any market or online store.  

There were many others out there like Mo who loved the idea of how bath bombs work and began to research the potentials of her original creation. Because of bath bombs, bath time has changed completely from a nightly or daily chore into a lavish and entertaining experience. Comparable to the effects of aromatherapy, the use of bath bombs will also add to the relaxation and zen of the body and mind. This occurs mainly because of the therapeutic scents of essential oils.

Who is Mos Constantine?
Now that we know who the creator of bath bombs is, let's learn more about her and the reason why she did it. Mos Constantine, real name, Elizabeth Weir and her husband, Mark Constantine, have been partners in a small business for sometime. They started small like most businesses and opened up a herbal hair and beauty clinic. They created their own hair colors and beauty products using all natural organic materials. They then both became a founder of a big company that provides a variety of natural hair and beauty products that are handmade and organic. Of course this included their homemade bath bombs. The whole family was gifted and inventive that even their son, Simon Constantine, took a queen interest and started working at the company in which his parents created. ​

Why Did She Make Bath Bombs?

The main reason why Mo invented the bath bomb is that she was searching for a new substitute to the slimy and slippery bubble baths that everyone was used to. Bath bombs made at home started to make things more entertaining and provided therapeutic properties that had such great holistic benefits. Bubble baths can irritate the skin and cause a massive mess. It was actually a complete accident when she created the bath bomb. At first, she was just experimenting with making a completely different and new product for her company. And like most inventions, with a little bit of luck she created a unique and beneficial product, the bath bomb. Her main goal, which still holds true today, was to make people feel relaxed and find their zen.

About 30,000 wholesale bath bombs are made every single day. You will know if there is a bath bomb factory close as you will be able to smell the beautiful aromas in the air. We all love to use bath bombs that we find in stores or online because they are stunning, colorful, and no one has to make them as you can find them everywhere. The ingredients are very beneficial to both our minds and body. It can lift up our day and take all the stress away. 

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