Why Taking A Bath Is Better For You Than Showering?

Why Taking A Bath Is Better For You Than Showering?

When it comes to those who love bathing, they always seem to have a bad reputation. It seems that all they want to do is being able to relax and decrease the high levels of stress they deal with on a daily basis. But for years, people have been banishing and ridiculing them because they believe that sitting in your own filth is disgusting and can lead to infections and all that.

The honest truth is that bathing is better for you than showering. Check out this article and find out why. We guarantee that after reading this article you to will love hopping in a nice hot bath, throw your bath bomb in and relax away. So much so that your shower may become filled with cobwebs ;).

Here are the top reasons why baths are so good for your mind, body and soul:

1. Amazing For Your Skin
First and foremost, baths are 100% not bad for your skin unless it is contaminated water. In fact, you should think of a bath as treating your skin with relaxation, which works from the inside out. You can also add epsom salts, bath bombs or mineral salts for an all-over soak treatment. This gives you some much added nourishment.

2. Decrease Aging
Taking baths will lower your cortisone levels, which is a stress hormone that can contribute to premature aging. Dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD, told Refinery29 that "the best way to bathe is to try the soak-and-smear technique, which sounds pretty gross at first. But, it actually just means putting on lotion or oil after a bath to make sure your skin doesn't get dehydrated or dry out when all the water evaporates."

3. Funtastic
Showers can sometimes feel like a chore, something you have to check off your to-do list that never seems to end. A bath is your chance to mentally escape into relaxation and your happy place. Sitting in the bath with your favorite podcast/book/music, lighting a candle or two and just simply relaxing away. Just plop into the tub, throw a bath bomb in and just zen out.

4. Hygienic As Showers
Unless your bath tub is filled with poop or mud, or filled with contaminated water, the dirt from your skin separates from you when you get into the bath. If you're that dirty you should probably see someone about that and definitely switch to a shower. But as long as you someone who cleans themselves on a regular basis, you are not bathing in your own filth. It's separating from you while you are bathing. 

5. You Actually Have To Just Chill
Taking a bath should be a time for reflection and meditation. A time that you can use to escape the stresses of the world. Even if just for a little bit. If you are someone who can't sit around for long periods of time, this should definitely be a time where you can do so. This time for you will do amazing things for your mental health. 

This is an argument that has gone on for years and years. We hope that this article has shed some light on the great bath debate. But go forth and find out for yourself. Even ask your doctor if you want, but a bath is great for keeping that positivity flowing. 

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